Sunday, September 8, 2013

Perfect Weather for Our Sunday Hike! We Visit Tony's Tree at Pennypack

Early this morning a flock of starlings began migrating thru the backyards on Cowbell Road. These invasive birds are easily recognizable by their iridescent sheen.
They'd arrive in the birdbath, which would tilt slightly, and then right itself. There were probly hundreds of them and they're not finished yet.

I was just napping in The Quiet Room and they were whooshing around outside.
Starlings have strong feet, their flight is strong and direct, and they are very gregarious. Their preferred habitat is fairly open country, and they eat insects and fruit. Several species live around human habitation, and are effectively omnivores. Many species search for prey such as grubs by "open-bill probing", that is, forcefully opening the bill after inserting it into a crevice, thus expanding the hole and exposing the prey.  - Wiki
I'm sure they enjoy our Compost Heap, to which I've just added a cantalope rind.
 Scott brought clippers so we could cut away the wild growth by Tony's ironwood tree.

The view from Tony's Tree.

I told The Fulmers about it when we passed them by.
 Katy and Leslie with his walking stick.
Two schoolteachers - Heidi and Heather - discuss lesson planning.

Heidi and her ex-husband Jason were Big Brother/Sister to Dan when he was a kid. He had so much fun with them.

Here's Dan and Max today. Dan is 36, Max is 4 months. They're in Ocean City, NJ, right now. Grace, 3, is giving them a hard time, according to FB. She rules the roost!

After the walk we snacked in the Picnic Area. It's one of those days when you're happy to be alive and wish the feeling would last forever.

Heather snacked on Vanilla Scones, which my sister Donna, a barista, said she's also addicted to.

Scott's wearing his new seamless bifocals and clip-on sunglasses to protect his eyes from glare. His new eye doctor told him to wear them to protect his eyes. He has beautiful Green Eyes.

I. myself, have worn sunglasses since I got contact lenses back in Cleveland. They make mine eyes sensitive to the sun. Dr Philip Kasden was my eye doc.

We heard a great ruckus at the park which turned out to be

Photo from the Internet. Long long ago, I wrote a newspaper article on turkeys at the Bolton Turkey Farm in Silverdale, PA.  

Tonite is Pizza Night!

Soon, the phone will ring and I'll go over to Scott's in my white tennis socks and eat

His special instrux today were:

When you saute the veggies, don't use too much oil. The crust was soggy last week and maybe that's why.

Rituals are important in my life. Every Saturday I have my Writer's Group, which I love. What are some of your important rituals and how do they contribute to a better life for you?

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