Saturday, September 28, 2013

Front yard gets autumn facelift - I need to manage my money better

Have photos, must blog

Rich is the father, Erik is the son. They live in Warminster. They came over yesterday and gave me an estimate of $250 for the work I wanted.

Today Erik said $350. I should've put my foot down....

instead of being Ms Nice Guy

What I did was say, when I came out to see how they were doing and gave them a small additional assignment was, I can't pay more than $350.

So then the total charge was $340.

Gotta get ready for my program at the Giant. John O'Reardon will perform a solo concert on meds for bipolar and depression and the new treatment of TMS.

My Italian stew with eggplant, yellow squash and a new type of sausage that won't cause me agita is simmering on stove. I've already dressed for the show and watered the mums above. Luckily they reminded me to do it.

With my truthfully incurring forgetfulness it didn't occur to me. Oh, heck, lemme use the word - incurring senility. Quick, change the subject!

I'm looking to order red poppies online and have them shipped here.

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