Friday, September 13, 2013

Early Morning Meeting with Sharon Katz

Six of us met in Sharon's new office at the Executive Mews: Taka, a psychologist; Paula, a coordinator from a Willow Grove pediatric office; Sharon, me and Glenn Stern.

I'm always late, but since I didn't know where I was going, I left in plenty of time.

Peter McNabb told me to follow him in his truck and he'd take me to Building I. I'd asked him, when I drove into the Mews, "Where is Building One?"

Peter, an Irishman, has been in the US since 1972, and lives in North Wales. He liked the arrangement of flowers I brought Sharon from my garden.

You can't see the beautiful crepe myrtle, which was sopping wet from the mercifully cooling rain we had last nite.

As it poured down, I sat in the near-darkness of my back porch eating my dinner salad, crunching away. Don't you love the sound of rain? As long as you're not in danger.

Spoke to Judy Diaz who said floodwaters are raging in Boulder, CO, where she lives. She has a plan, though. If they go too high, she'll move from the ground floor to higher ground.

Grantwriter Glenn Stern. When I met him, I said, You must be Gerald Stern.

Glenn, he said.

Gerald, I told him, is a famous poet who lives in Lambertville, NJ.

Gerald Stern, born in 1925.

Here's Sharon Katz, owner of Collaborative Care, which now has two locations - on York Road across from Abington Hospital, and the new large office suite at Executive Mews in Willow Grove.

We toured the high-ceilinged offices. New carpets were put down for the new tenants.

A good place to heal your wounds.

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