Saturday, September 21, 2013

Biking and Picnicking at Lorimer Park - Falling off the bike

Today I'm wearing the slacks on the right and will regale my Writer's Group with these $12 pants from the once famous company White Stag.

Why am I drinking Raspberry Tea if I don't like it?

I was under its spell one afternoon in the Willow Grove Giant Coffee Shop and bought a box, made by Bigelow.
It's got HIBISCUS in it which is as tart as a lemon and ruins everything it's in. But I can't stand wasting money, so I'll soon be through with it and can return to other favorites like Constant Comment, which Coach Iris introduced me to.

Tick-tock, tick-tock. In 3 hours I've gotta write something for the group. Goody! Goody! Allan Heller is coming back after a month's hiatus.

My sister Donna stopped over, let herself in the house, and dropped off Season Two of Homeland. Saul, I'll be happy to lend it to you when I'm finished. Then I'll sell it for $100 on eBay.

I could-not-wait-to watch it, but I had so much work to do. Did some New Directions work and then mailed in two short stories to a couple of lit journals: "The Bedroom," which my reader, J.M. Lipshutz thought was beautiful, and "My Favorite Felon," a true story - creative nonfiction that is called - about when the kids and I lived in Village Green Apartments. "The walls have ears," I wrote, or should've written. "Save your secrets for inside."

OMG, the things I heard from my next-door neighbor, yelling at her husband when he was in the shower.

Anyway, the felon - he just got outa prison and moved in with his wife and defeated-looking kids - made a ship out of toothpicks and I recounted the story in the short piece. It would mean the world to me if it got published.

When I got finished with my work at around 2 am, I went downstairs to watch Disk One of Homeland on my laptop. Got real comfy on my red couch with a tushion, covered myself with a furry white blanket, and pressed PLAY.

It was great! Just as good as season one. At a couple places, I was so friggin tense I didn't know what to do with myself. Take a Klonopin? Inject heroin?

I lay on the red couch and squirmed.

Scott and I went biking at Lorimer Park in Abington Township. I took a spill, wearing the new slacks on the left above. Fortunately they didn't tear and I didn't draw blood. May write about the experience for my writing group. It was hilarious.

We picknicked afterward. I made delicious egg salad with pickles and had pickles for dessert.

Scott essentially cured his back and leg pains by going on his stationery bike, which I'm on in the photo, and also by taking walks as long as 90 minutes. He has a couple of protruding discs which were absorbed back into his spine.

He'll go back to work on Monday but must see the SEPTA doctor first. As a mechanic on the El (Greco? Cid?) he has enormous responsibility... any mistake or lack of strength could result in an error that could cause a crash.

Scott told me about a man who died on the train. When the train pulled back into the station, the man didn't get off. People thought he was asleep, but in fact was dead. An older guy with identification in his pocket.

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