Sunday, August 18, 2013

Grace is Three - Hike on the Wild Side - Poem for Grace

We saw dozens of turkeys this morning. (Photo from the Internet). We watched their walk, stretching out their heads and necks apparently to propel them forward. Behind them were the half-grown poults, keeping up with mom and dad.

We tried to keep out of their way and meandered into the garden of bright-colored flowers and several hummingbird feeders.

When we returned, the turkeys were sitting atop a fence!

Then we spotted director David Robertson emerging from his side door and sprinkling what appeared to be coffee grounds to the turkeys.

Gee, I wonder what it would be like inviting a turkey indoors.

Scott and I walked about 25 minutes. He's still healing from what we believe is tendonitis deep in his left leg.

Then, unhurried me - per my wildly popular poem "The Unhurried" - drove to the Demings to deliver my food contribution to Grace's third birthday party. "Mom-mom" was scooping ice cream into cupcake tins.

How clever!

Scott's on vacation for a week. Cape May is awaiting. Today we went to Whole Foods as he had a hankering for liverwurst.

This online photo looks remarkably like our liverwurst sandwiches. We each had 1.5 sandwiches, which is why I just got off the stationery bike.

We bought a fresh loaf of rye bread with seeds - yum! -  and packed our sandwiches with kale, tomatoes, onions, mayo and moutarde.

Earlier today I worked on the Letter of Intent - LOI - for yet another grant, this time from the Pew Charitable Trusts. From their website, they say they used to be a very conservative entity, until the mid-1980s when they became RADICAL!!! That change never happens unless you vastly depart from the old conservative ways.

A couple months ago a poem I wrote about Grace was published by the River Poets Journal.

But, first, the requisite pictures:

The Playroom at the end of the party

Nicole Deming's photo.Oh, Max, you are so cute I printed out this photo and looked at it while writing my LOI

You'll note the "apple-green" seat of Max's in the background. I was reading to Grace in the above playroom. She wanted to listen to a book about a rabbit which teaches a variety of things. One was the color "apple-green."

Grace, I said, what is apple-green right here in the playroom.

She walked around the room - stuffed to the gills with toys - and pointed out the apple-green ones.

 Here's the birthday girl who fancies herself a doctor.


A silent ache
when she leaves
alone in her carseat
while Mom-mom drives her home
she watches me blow kisses
through the back window
strapped in,
prisoner to her elders
both grandmothers will leave first
snatched without mercy
useless to cling to our lost darlings who
will forget us like
last night’s dreams
what’s to remember about Bubby?
because I say, Grace this is a daisy, or
how do you like my new birdbath?
it is I who want to tag along
after death
want to be with her
listen to her laugh
meet her friends
guard her when she swims
teach her to ride no-
handed on a bike
put her on the plane
when she travels to Rome
I will be there to see all things
at least today I believe it,
tomorrow may be different
as my parachute falls silently
to the poppy fields
and nothing is left but
an indentation in the soil.

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