Thursday, July 4, 2013

Goodbye Long Formica Table - Happy Fourth of July - Scuse me while I paint my nails - Sarah and Ethan / Poems: Why We Love Dogs - Dairy Queen Beneath the Starless Skies -

I sold this 8 foot long by 3 foot wide table on Craigslist for $5. I had five offers.

It's very heavy, I told Randy as he carried it from the back porch.

My sister Donna said she'd be afraid to have someone come to the house.

I told her I talk to them a couple minutes. I asked Randy what he was gonna use it for - his wife would use it for garage sales.

Good excuse, said Donna.

He drove it away in his Cadillac truck. Randy was wearing a uniform like he worked in a hospital.
Since today is the Fourth of July, I'm going to Dan n Nicole's to celebrate. Here's my main contribution - my scrumptious asparagus/green bean salad which also features Claussen pickles, sunflower seeds, peppers n onions, and Cabot cheddar cheese.

Sarah and Ethan are on their way. Their friend lent them her stickshift Audi for the trip.

I did major housecleaning this morning before they came.
 Downstairs family room with its own entrance.
 Nothing like fresh flowers for my guests. These blue hydrangea grow in my front and backyard. They're in a vase made by Donna, a talented potter. Behind that is a painting by Claudia McGill.
 Back porch with scrubbed off love seat.
 Downstairs b'room with stall shower. My friend Betty Wms gave me those clay coasters on the top right. She's at Rydal Park where she's lost her mind.
My well-stocked fridge includes, for the party, olives and lo-sodium cold cuts.

Jenny, the woman behind the Giant counter, encouraged me to taste everything.

The lo-sodium bologna was terrible.

"I want it to taste like when I was a kid," I told her and Donna.

It tasted 'junkey.'

Ended up with ham, turkey, and American cheese.

It's really for Ethan and Sarah cuz they'll be hongry when they come 'home.'

Donna reminded me that on every holiday, back in Cleveland, we'd do something special. Today we would go to Euclid Beach, the wonderful amusement park that's no more.

Hi Donna. Glad you like my coffee, barista sista!
We wear short-shorts. Remember that song from the 60s?

"Wineberries" grow by Scott's garage in the back of my house.

Help yourself!

Too bitter for Donna. I like the tart taste. She said if she were home she'd put Stevia on them.

Get over it! Not everything has to be sweet.... or salty... don't be corrupted by the McDonald's mentality of the USA.

 Sarah in striped hair and yellow sundress. Reminded me of when my dad worked at Majestic Specialties and we could order anything we wanted... including seersucker, as is Sarah's dress.
 Ethan wanted a glass of cold water after the 3-hour drive from Bklyn in the borrowed Audi.
 Luxury. Scott enjoyed driving it as did Donna.
 They parked in front of the abandoned house.

 Ethan Iverson.
Million dollar hands of Ethan Iverson.

Good morning, Scotty. He got his usual 2 hours of sleep.

Bob alights from his
orange Dodge Challenger
then walks up the steep drive
to his tall white house
where the three of them live
passing the red begonias
the poodles inside become hysterical
Welcome home, dear one,
welcome home. 


You didn’t!
I did.
Saw the glimmering sign
in the dark
Vanilla with the dark chocolate
no cone, please,
Stood in the parking lot
darkness all around
as I tasted each bite
spooned just so
to get the crunch of
dark chocolate
in my mouth
at the same time
as the creamy vanilla
the red spoon perfect
adding glamour
but no flavor
as I walked around
my side of the
parking lot
watching the sky for
stars that were not there
and longing for home.

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