Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ada's Pool Party - Fascinating conversations

Ellen Rosenberg will teach Employment Law later today at the Fort Washington campus of Devry University. Her 9 students are smart and pay attention. She asked us if we thot she should mention the acquittal for "lack of evidence" of George Zimmerman, slayer of 17-yo Trayvon Martin in Sanford, FL.

Of course, we all said. It's in the news and it fits under the "law" rubric. She'll also discuss a case filed by a female Amtrak worker who was harassed by her all-male crew. She won.

Ellen's sister younger sister Liz, an award-winning poet and novelist, recently wrote a novel "Laws of Gravity" that was very favorably reviewed by the Boston Globe.

We were all in the swimming pool and discussing new stem cell treatments for cancer, when Ellen mentioned her sister's book which deals with the ethical aspects of this subject.

It's on my book list.

Here's Ilene who had good news about her garden. A very creative fellow from Thailand designed a spectacular garden for her, which she showed us on her phone. He was able to superimpose the design for her on a smartphone before he did the work.

Many of us were discussing our aging parents as we're at the age when our parents are growing infirm. Overnite, her dad in FL, an athletic man, seemed to go downhill. She and her brother are taking turns going down there tending to him.
Hello Gerri. Her dad recently passed. Gerri is doing well after having two surgeries on her hips! My god, we're a group of cripples. You should see me hobble with the leg where I had my back operation two yrs ago!
What a great hostess Ada is. Her 103-yo mom lives in a wonderful nursing home in Dresher. Too bad she doesn't realize it.

Ada is having 18 people over this weekend.
Linda Barrett, poet, lives with her 83-yo mom. Linda is taking CPR this Saturday in case anything happens to her mother.
I spent the entire time w/o my contact lenses, blind as a bat, and failing to recognize people I've known for years. I was just pretending to be blind. I really couldn't remember their names.

People asked me how I can remember so many names, which, in truth, I'm good at. I thot about it and wondered if it's b/c I know how to spell their names, so that's a double-way of remembering them.
When it's in the 90s, the trick is to stay in the pool. Carole and Janis are discussing education. Carole told us how she got into education by the process of elimination. She taught special ed and then became a principal, I believe in Norristown.
Greg and Carole Hodges talked about living alone since their two daughters - Kimberly and Tiffany - each flew the coop. Janis lives with several other women.
Bill talked about rebuilding his hurricane-destroyed house on Tom's River. This is actually taken during our one-man concert on the Deep End of the Pool. Rich Fleisher accompanied our soloist on the kazoo, one of Rich's many talents.
Ed Lakota plays both harmonica and guitar. We sang along and some of us (yours truly) broke out into dance. He did a song by "America," famous for Horse with No Name.

Also Louis, Louis and Hey Jude.
What fun we had.... and what great food.

Then I stopped at mom's five minutes away.

She's supposedly getting rid of stuff so she can move out. The myth of the century.

Her neighbor across the street quickly sold her house. 

I think Mom should stay where she is and who knows? Perhaps she will.

Last August, Mom's 90th birthday party.

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