Sunday, June 2, 2013

Stock photos

Martha Hunter - 6/1/13

Carly Brown - 6/1/13

Ruth Deming 6/1/13

Beatriz Moisset and iPod 6/1/13

A pensive Linda Barrett

Donna Krause

Rain barrel before hookup 6/1/13

Dressed up with marigolds from Kremp's at bargain price of 50-cents apiece. Thanks for the flower container, Judy Diaz, before you moved to Niwot, CO, home of conservationists galore.

Mental Health Awareness Magnet

Sarah Deming, New Year's, 2013

 Sarah Deming, July 2013, a Ripe Red Raspberry
 Ethan Iverson and Sarah Deming, July 2013, saying goodbye to dear ole mom

Ruth, 2013

 Red couch from Gamburg's

Ruth's foto on FB, 2012

New Directions, 2012




Pennypack Trust along Pennypack Lane

David Robertson in parking lot of UM Library

Compass 2012  Sharon Piercy, RN, and Charlie - Swan Lake on Fitzwatertown Road

Compass 2013

Bubby holding Max, two months old, taken 6-1-13

William Wordsworth: The child is father of the man.

Grace Catherine Aug 2010

Baby Grace at one month old, August 2010.
Sarah's old bedroom which I used as a storage room.

Checkered sleeper-bed from Gamburg in Hatboro, PA.

The Reading Room.

I make sure all my couches are comfy enuf for napping.

This is what I see out my front window. Luv watching the birds. Must keep birdbath clean and full. Birds are messy. A robin walked by and he had bird poop in his tail.

Grace, 2012

I uploaded these fotos so I can find them if I need them instead of searching all over my desktop.

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