Monday, June 10, 2013

Rob Lokoff comes for lunch! - Scott's train set - Hello Phil Martino, miss you!

Rob is very easy to cook for. "I eat everything," he told me over the phone. We began with a salad that had spinach, kale, mushrooms, scallions, cukes, read more

 punkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and a dressing made with fresh lemon, fresh mint leaves from my garden, olive oil, and a tiny amount of balsamic vinegar so it wouldn't make me coff.

Rob is one of my favorite people in the world. His daughter Amy just graduated from American University in DC with a degree in art. She's looking for a job. This is a very talented family so I'm sure she'll find something she likes.

Main course was a delicious egg omelette with assorted veggies, left over from last nite's homemade pizza, and herbs from the well-watered garden.

It's raining right now at the US Open in Merion, PA. Today is "Practice Day."

Ground crews are clearing off water from the grass... heavy rains. Rob said Merion last hosted the Open in 1981.

Rob's son Jacob is working in one of the refreshment booths.

Everyone is hoping to see Tiger Woods. Even if you know nothing about golf, everyone knows Tiger.

He has an amazing ability to camouflage himself from public view.
We took Rob on a tour of our garden. He remembered the Rain Barrel from my blog. Here's the peach tree we bot at Home Depot. The peaches are two inches high and should be ready in August, we think.

Rob's best friend, Phil Martino, who lives in Cinnaminson, NJ, loves three things the most: drumming, trains, and old cars.

We waltzed over to Scott's to show Rob Scott's great train set in the basement.

Rob is helping Phil install a train set in one of the bedrooms, where Phil takes c/o of his 87-yo mom Terri.

You should have heard Rob speak with such knowledge about trains. Click to enlarge. He and Scott had a great conversation. Both of them learned from doing.

Rob and Phil will visit a great train store at Street Road and Bustleton. The best store used to be downtown but they moved out to Lancaster.

Scott said visiting a train store is like a kid in a candy shop.

Scott uses these as 'screen savers.' Very colorful and real looking.

At one point Scott turned off the lights and the gas lamps were lit up, as were some of the buildings, and the two trains were whooshing around the tracks and the whistle was blowing.

Rob took fotos from his Fiji camera to show Phil.

What a nice magnet you have on your car, Rob! He's worried someone will steal it, as they did Scott's. The thrill of stealing.

Rob commented that Scott had a lot of energy. That's b/c he's been on vacation for a week. Tonite the SEPTA train will take him back to work. The kid who loved trains got a job with SEPTA.


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