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Ocean City, NJ - Now that I'm home, I don't feel like cooking! - What she read

We always stay here. It used to be a restaurant. Now it's a 5-story hotel. We stayed in room 517 and had a great view.
 A lit-up ferris wheel.
We were jolted awake at 9 pm by fireworks. Really b'ful.

We were both exhausted from sitting on the beach and reading. And walking the boardwalk and the streets.

 One of our fave restaurants is The Hula Grill.

 This man has prostheses for legs. Diabetes? Or peripheral artery diz like my newly discovered friend from Hahnemann Grad School Sister Vicki.
 Deliciously plump.
 Plenty of cops on the boardwalk. Very friendly. In fact, everyone was friendly except the visitors. You'll meet Lucy at blogs-end, not to be confused with Howard's End by EM Forster.
 Nursery rhyme sign outside one of two amusement parks.
Russell Sullivan, retired Presbyterian minister, lives fulltime in OC. He's been working at this mini-golf course for a dozen yrs.

He's reading the new Clive Cussler novel which he got outa the OC Library. As Russell said, Clive is in his 80s and now has help from someone else in writing his books. I told him to try the Jack Reacher novels. 
 We played 20 holes and were laffing hysterically at all the mistakes we made. It was terrifically fun. It got me away from my addiction.... A Wanted Man, a Jack Reacher novel by Lee Child.

 Ye olde fudge shop
 Leven from Sofia. Where dat? Bulgaria of course.
 I sampled several fudge varieties and picked out the ones I liked best for maMA.
 Nick, who's studying finances at TU works at several restaurants all owned by the same woman.
 At Ocean Cafe, I had a delicious Greek salad.
Kayla from Somers Point, NJ, was my chatty waitress.
I ordered two meatballs and something else I can't remember. Scott told me something interesting about the giant meatballs. Back in the room, I was really hot. "Meat makes you hot," he said. He's a fount of lil-known facts and he's always right.
Desert was scrumptious cheesecake and decaf, which is now good for you. My thing with decaf is not to get addicted, which I'm not.
Pancho from Mexico was the chef. I congratulated him on the delicious food.
Walking the boardwalk at nite.

Henna lasts up to two weeks. Our bodies last an average
One of the most striking findings of the study, which was published last month - Sept 2013, I think - in the journal Health Affairs, is that the life expectancy for white women with less than 12 years of education has actually fallen since 1990. Women with less than 12 years of education can now expect to live to age 73.5, where in 1990 that number was four years higher.

White women with a college degree or more can expect to live to 83.9.

I no longer crave Kohr Bros soft ice cream, tho why is my mouth watering now?

Bot the perfect gift for Grace Catherine - a dinosaur kite. Here's manager Doug with a tattooed customer I asked to be in the shot.
simply pretty in the night.
Lovebirds on the bench while the ocean waves pounded out at sea.
Smells of pizza, caramel popcorn, chocolate crepes, and ocean breezes greeted us night walkers.
Small groups of people clustered on the boardwalk.
Breakfast at the Ocean Cafe. Spinich-feta omelette and home fries.
Angela (Ahn-gela) from Croatia was our waitress at Ocean Cafe, a place we visited for dinner and breakfast since the food was so good.

"Come to Croatia," she said. "You won't believe how b'ful it is." Her family owns a hotel and restaurant next to the Adriatic Sea.

There are a thousand islands in the Adriatic, she said. Here's a list and map.

She and four Croatian friends just arrived at OC. This was her first day of work.
Scott's favorite thing: relaxing on the beach.
Don't mind if I do.
He sent up a tent behind us, but the wind threatened to blow it away so he took it down & put it in the cart.
There's always a reason I post something. This woman was baking in the sun. She had plenty of delicious-smelling sunscreen on and was reading a book, first in her chair, then on her blanket.
I kept out of the sun entirely and sat under an umbrella.
approaching the Atlantic Ocean
Oooh! Cold. Deliciously cold.

Lucy asked if she could share a bench with us. We struck up a conversation. When we left she insisted on hugging both of us goodbye. She bot $300 worth of rings - two exquisite rings - at a shop she looks f/w to going to every year. She and Bill live in Maryland. Their daughter lives in Seattle and is a naturopath.

A pizza shop sold this special hot dog wrapped in pizza dough. Scrumptious.
CBS News from Philly came out to the boardwalk.
Or was it ABC news.
Wonderful meal from Spatafora's. Additional treat of watching a mini-drama on the outdoor porch where we ate. Water was leaking from an underground pipe on the other side of the porch. We watched as the mgr gave instrux on what to do - rope it off and stack up the chairs - while he waited for the plumber.

The same thing happened 20 yrs before. "That's why I'm not in a panic," he said. He's worked there 33 yrs.
Nothing like a delicious baked potato with sour cream.
Muni building
Nicely painted street
Window shopping

Looks like an abstract painting. Josef Albers perhaps?
Above the shops are apartments.

The NOLA look. We'd eaten in the crepe shop before.
I liked the white of the bldg.

I'll tell you why I shot the baffroom. I always regretted not taking it when Sarah and I went on a cruise ship. So you make up for it.

Enjoyed the two novellas by Jim Harrison. Excellent writer. He's in his early 80s. Main character in the first book is 60-yo Clive. Thad, a native American, is 18 in the second one and is  drawn to swimming in rivers the way a bird takes to the air.

Read about bigots and skinheads and killers and people who are consummate haters, oh my, in the Intelligence Report published by the Southern Poverty Law Center, who I donate to. 

You should too, if you're Jewish, LGBT, or have a few extra $5 in your pocket.

Balancing it off, I also brot my New Yorker, subscription courtesy of one of my many admirers.

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