Friday, May 31, 2013

Bird woes - My first sale on Craigslist - Mark Greenwold revisited

These bird houses I bot are cheaply made. Imagine my shock a few days ago when I saw the bottom falling off this bird house..... and the nest poking thru.

Each day the nest fell a little bit further.

I was horrified, in deep angst.

"Help! Scott!" The birds were crying.

He came over and patched up the house with good ole duct tape.

Duct tape was the murder weapon in the latest book I read

a wonderful first novel by Peggy Hesketh. She's interviewed here in the LA Times.

In my latest short story, "The Unexpected Visitor," I quoted something from the book. My goal was to finish it today for our Writers' Group the morrow, and I did.

I was totally not in the mood. It was so damn hot. But I went upstairs, turned on some great music - YouTube finally published The Bad Plus doing The Rite of Spring. The band was commissioned by Duke University.

It's a wonderful rendition.

When I put it on Facebook, Chris O'Riley, the host of From the Top, said he liked it. He had a 5-hour layover in Houston, where he'd performed piano works transcribed by Liszt, including a Chopin Sonata.

Sears Craftsman Mower - Gas-powered - $25

So read my ad on Craigslist.

I was so proud of putting the ad on there, since I was all sweaty and lethargic from the heat.

That's what A/C is for, Ruthie!

I know. I know. But I can't stand the insular feeling. It IS set.... to 83 degrees, which is actually cool enuf for me cuz I'm sitting near whirring fan.

So, I'm upstairs on the desktop, trudging along with my story - remember I have no idea what's gonna happen - it's an armed robbery at a hair salon - when I do my usual procrastinary maneuver of checking my emails.

Lo and behind, someone has answered my ad!

Rich from Ft Washington. We correspond and he says he'll be over at 6 pm.

He is. I lead him to the shed with the filthy cobweb-covered mower. He pulls it out and I quickly brush it off with a rag.

He tells me, Don't worry. I'll take c/o it.

Then he drags out the beautiful gas-powered edger and wheels both of em to his pick-up truck from work.

Meantime I tuck the $25 into the waistband of my pocketless short shorts.

Rich is not the only one who wants it.

"Sorry, Chris, the guy just came and paid for it."

Another man also wanted it. He wanted me to 'text' him with a photo.

He don't know me. Not only do I not text, but for $25 I show no photos. Ya gotta trust me.

After reading this post, I realize there must be a way to delete the sale.

I actually figger it out and have deleted it.

Thank you, she bows modestly.

For $200, I'm selling an exhibition book - in Spanish, yet - from the noted artist Chuck Close who painted this huge portrait of my cousin Mark Greenwold, when Mark was young and hirsute

As part of the $200, I'm also selling an exhibition catalog from a show by Mark, when he was represented by DC Moore Gallery in mid-town Manhattan.

Click here for Mark's 'long-awaited show' at Sperone Westwater in the Bowery

Oops! Pardon me.

Here's a review which you and me can read in unison.

Mark Greenwold and Chuck Close.  Photo: Robin Siegel (c) 2013

Here's Mark Greenwold and Chuck Close from the gallery collection. May 2013. Mark is three years older than me, so he's 70. He met Chuck Close when he and his first wife, Barbara Harshman, lived in Seattle.

Good bio of Chuck.

He paints family members and people he knows. I once asked him to paint me, which he did. Fully clothed. He also made a wonderful painting of a Jewish family which hung over my couch for many years when my kids and I lived in the apartments.

One day, when I got manic, I threw it away.

I had my reasons. Even tho you're manic, there's always a grain of truth.

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