Monday, May 20, 2013

Big week for my family but Mom has a toothache! - Garden

Miles Greene! What are you doing on my blog!

Miles is my nephew. Watch this 5-minute video as he gets ready to graduate from Boston University. You'll see his mom, my sister Lynn, and also Miles' sister Jade.

Very entertaining!

Miles signed on to become a teacher in an inner-city school in Chicago, so Rahm Emmanuel will be his ultimate boss. He'll work for 2 yrs in The Windy City as part of Teach for America.

So Mom went to the dentist this morning. Nothing showed up in the X-ray, but she's still in pain. Dr Schneider gave her something for the pain.

Judy Diaz is in such pain in Niwot, CO that went she went grocery shopping with her son Michael, she said she can't wait until she has her hip operation in June.

Bernie Samuels, no youngster, is in such pain he'll have back surgery with my Dr Guy Lee who said to say hello to me!

Happy stuff from now on.

Here's the link to my Guest Column in the Doylestown-based Intelligencer on May is Mental Health Awareness Month.

Scott just reminded me to call my Verizon phone number and ask that I be woken up tomro morning at 5:15 am for my trip to DC.

Garden journal:

 Peach tree with inch-long peaches below.

 Peonies in my side yard are pollinated by ants.
 The life of Riley, which I had today, watching movies with my sweetheart all day long
Native plant - False Blue Indigo. How do I know? Asked Chris Dartley of Pennypack Trust.

Ready to leave for the train, Scotty? 8:22 pm.

Time to go upstairs and watch Mel Brooks on American Experience.

Appreciate you making a personal experience on my blog, Melvin James Kaminsky, born June 28, 1926


  1. Love the video. Miles is adorable! (He might not like anyone saying that.) Good for him and I wish him the very best of luck! Whicb is the sister you used to think I looked like, or looked like me? Lynn? Ellen?

  2. my sister ellen. both of you bore a resemblance to audrey hepburn!