Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sunny and 44 degrees but weather swings to come

When I went out this morning, I got a shock....

"Oh, you are so beautiful," I said, stooping down. On my way to the Demings for lunch, I saw carpets of crocus on the way there. Carpets!

Diabetes: the biggest responsibility of my life. One logbook is for me, thother for Giant Supermarket. Ridiculous, but necessary if you want to get your supplies from them.

My lunch, which I packed up to take to the Demings, was scrambled eggs w zucchini, mushrooms and scallions.

I made the yogurt last nite. It came out perfectly.

Homemade yogurt: 2 heaping tablespoons of Greek yogurt and 1 tablespoon sugar to help the bacteria grow.  Boil a quart of milk, then cool until you can dip your finger inside w/o burning your finger. The pot you've already burnt.

I use it as salad dressing.

When Barb let me in, I yelled: "Anybody home?"

"What dyou think I'm eating, Grace?" I asked her about my scrambled eggs with veggies.

She knows the answer but she don't say nuffin.

Then, "When I went to Mom-mom's house she made me a scrambled egg."

That kid doesn't forget a thing!

I gave Grace three figurines of cocker spaniels w/ floppy ears. Then I asked her if we have floppy ears or if the three cats have floppy ears.

No, she laffed.

Guess why there are only 2 dogs w/ floppy ears.

Yesterday Scott and I helped his friend Mike Kramer lift an incredibly heavy TV into its new home, in the center of the living room.

Mike and wife Donna are trying to get rid of chotchkies so I took the 3 doggies.

Mid-lunch, Grace disappeared. She was in her Playroom reading.

She was reading Richard Scarry's "The Big Book of Words." I told her that her dad, the one and only Daniel Paul Deming, used to love it as a kid. Barbara said her son Sean also loved it.

This was a new toy I'd never seen before.

Last nite, when I was too exhausted to protest, I submitted three short stories to an online journal I'd never heard of - Apple Valley, I think - there are so many of these online journals!

Titles: A Woman of Substance - Without George - and Please Vote for Me.

All I can do is hope and send out an ESP message as I'm doing right now. And eat anudder handful of peanuts.

Saturday's Coffeeshop Writers' Group helped me with "May I Have Your Vote, Please?"

It's based on a true story. Amazing how when you tap your brain about an experience - the Obama prez campaign of 2008 - it pours forth from the not yet cholesterized blood vessels.

When I wrote the story, it was late at night. I sat down to write another story, but this one came out instead. It just wrote itself.

Kym in our group said, "Dyou read all our comments?"

"Of course, I do," I said. Hers were very helpful.

Let's see if my brain will disgorge three days after our group, what people wrote about.

Kym wrote an emotional story that helped process her feelings.

Beatriz wrote about the chestnut blight at the turn of the 20th century. Barely a chestnut tree survived.

Arlene wrote one of her great short stories about very odd people, which makes the story esp. good.

from the great film "Deliverance"

Linda had a religious poem she wanted to submit to the Reader's Digest.

Donna read a poem about a childhood friend who came back into her life.

Before we began, I chatted with Leon Bulllock, who is grateful to be still alive at 82. The Korean veteran has had many health problems.

Lotsa guys sit and wait while their wives shop. 

After he got out of the Army, he had a heck of a time finding a job.

"Why?" I said. "Because you're black?"

"Yep," he said.

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