Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sneak peek of Compass front & back covers - Visit with Mom

Rene at Boggs Printing in Hatboro gave me the proofs to check. Here's the front cover. Double-click to enlarge.

 I've gotta write some words on the bottom of the front cover.

Back cover, suitable for framing! By Carl Yeager.

If we get the final product over to Mark Amos at Bux-Mont Stationers in Hatboro by Friday, he'll give us $100 off. Significant, since this is our biggest expense.

Just when I was heating up my cabbage soup for dinner, my sister Lynn called from her home in Bonita Springs, FL.

"Mommy doesn't answer her phone," she said.

Not good, b/c this is Mom's first day alone since our sister Ellen, who lives w/mom,  is visiting friends in North Miami Beach.

We know she'll be fine, but, at 90, we can't take any chances.

Drove over to her house, thinking her electricity might have gone off.

As I got closer, I saw lights blazing in all the houses.

The light was on in her bedroom and I stood outside and yelled.

Mom! Mom! Are you there?

She often has the TV blasting.

Imagine my surprise when Bruce Shepperd, a family friend, opened the door.

He's staying with Mom until Ellen gets back.

"Awesome!" I said.

Mom was resting in bed upstairs, watching Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune.

I sat in the same chair, now relocated, that I did when my father was dying and I used to read to him. I read the New Hope paper, where he had his legendary The Now and Then Shop, and also read the Lambertville, NJ, newspaper.

Now the chair was filled with junk.

For some reason, my mom brought up Death. Sadly, we said, it's the turn of her generation to die. We'll be next, I said.

I wonder what will happen to my things, she said.

Would you want that photo?

My dad and my Uncle Marvin

"I'd love it. We'll fight over it," I said, thinking of one sister in particular.

"I don't want any fighting," said Mom.

What a horrible day that will be.

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