Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Maine Star Coffee Shop on Jacksonville Road in Hatboro, PA

Hello Rob! Love your coffee. The decaf was just how I like it: Fresh, aromatic, hot and delicious. Sorta like my boyfriend Scott.

Yes, thank you, Rob, I will sit on the comfy leather sofa and enjoy a few moments of relaxation.

Mike, I do like the selection of food you offer in your refrigerated case: some healthy wraps. Your pastries also look delicious, esp. the croissants, which are a personal fave of this insulin-dependent person w/diabetes.

My support group New Directions is thinking of having one of our Coffeeshop Gigs at your Jacksonville Road shop, located in the Luxury Lofts that used to be a stove factory.

We had a meeting last nite at Abington Prez Church and folks were really psyched about doing this: guitar players, poets, dancers, who knows? Maybe even Roberto will join us on his electric piano.

Huge area. Lovely furniture.

The owner, Dexter, I believe, will be in touch. NO, not that Dexter. He and other staff worked at Starbux, which, to me, has the best coffee consistently. Dunkin Donuts is iffy.

That couch was positively beckoning me. I do have a thing for couches.

Joseph Gonzalez, orig. from Ventura, CA, and now living w/his buddies in Warminster, PA, is looking for work in the environmental sciences. He does have a recruiter and will eventually find a job.

I told him one of the ways I earn money is driving Rosemary to the hairdressers in Rockledge. She is legally blind due to a car accident many yrs ago. Fortunately, she's always got her nose in a book and is a wonderful cook.

Brot the half-filled cup home and added boiling water to extend its life.

Now I've gotta extend my life by eating my delicious cabbage soup, high in antioxidents.

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