Friday, March 8, 2013

Finally, it snows! - Roll the presses, Mark of Buxmont -

A few inches which would melt in the 38-degree-plus weather. I was shocked to wake up to see Lady Winter in her white finery.

Was juggling many things today, including reviewing proofs of the Compass from Boggs Printing in Hatboro, plus making my chili bean soup.

The Compass will be served at our next Daytime Meeting at the Giant and the next Evening Mtg at Abington Prez.

Two great articles and a photo of Norman Cotterell, PhD, who wrote an article about Anger.
Double-click on photos to enlarge.

I do like cooking on all burners tho, with not a moment to spare.

Drove Rosemary to the hairdresser at Gary Charles near Fox Chase. Waited for her at the DD where I bot a delicious snack. The decaf was superb!

The next short story I'm working on, "The Light in the Kitchen," is about a homeless soldier from Afghanistan. Coincidentally, in the latest issue of the New Yorker there's a short story by a former soldier about a company of soldiers there.

I took note that they use M16s, which my soldier, Bobby, used when he was in Kandahar. You use the Internet to give verisimitude to your story. Very helpful were some photos from the Washington Post of the Afghan War.

We think of Afghan as a war-torn plain, but there are vibrant cities with spectacular marketplaces.

I was telling Rosemary, while we easily drove the snow-melted highways, that I had no idea what was gonna happen to my character. Sometimes the next graf would arrive easily. Other times I had to change the subject by reading my fave online websites.

Albert came in wearing a white robe a friend gave him the night before. The table to my right actually photographed him, so I figgered I would too.

He said, It's a beautiful robe so I thought I'd wear it out of the house.

While waiting for Rosemary, I walked down Oxford Ave., snapping away.

Dyou understand why people keep indoor furniture on their porches? Tell me, if you know.

Store front readying for St Paddy's Day.

Which reminds me that Scott gave me a paperback by Jack Higgins. The title, I think, is A Deal with the Devil.

"You'll like this," he said.

And I do. It's about the recent Irish Civil War. Fascinating characters you care about even tho they're unlikeable.

I liked the simple shape of this church.

This office bldg used to be a house. Note the eaves. Huge house!

Here's Rosemary. My goal is to never sit in the waiting room of Gary Charles.

Here's the son of the owner. His name is also Gary Charles. He's also a stylist who studied at Vidal Sassoon in London.

And now, if you'll excuse me, it's time to contemplate The Light in the Kitchen.

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