Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Delivering the Compass

Other posts about delivering El Compass that you will absolutely want to miss!

While driving to the destination after Horsham Clink below, stopped at my friend Helene's former house in Maple Glen.

It looked much the same but had been sold. I saw a red ball in the front yard and then - proof poz - a jungle-gym set in the backyard. The house went for 375, a bargain.

Picked up 750 copies of the Compass this morning after I reluctantly got outa bed at 10 am, where I was reading the excellent

Every time you read a good book it makes you a better writer. Higgins is a writer I learn from.

While driving, I listened to an absolutely sickening audio book

Stephen King has written that he was plumb out of ideas but then his imagination rebounded. He wrote Full Dark, No Stars in 2010 and it was a prizewinner.

At one point during my drive to

Bucks County Dept of Mental Health, I removed disc 3 of the 12 discs of the King book and inserted the last disc.

It took place 60 yrs later and had all new characters.

What's my next move with Stephen King? I think I'll resume with disc 4.

In the kitchen I listened to an audio book by a renowned psychiatrist

The book had a strange theory that he struggled - unsuccessfully - to defend and it was a helluva bore so I packed it up after the first disc.

I looked up the author and watched a video of him on the Stephen Colbert Show, where I thought he made an ass of himself.

Wanna know the real reason I'm blogging?

I'm procrastinating. Gotta work on "The Light in the Kitchen" tonite - tick tick tick - so first I procrastinate. Read everything in the Times I wanted to - Hello new Pope Francis, a youngster of 76 from Buenos Aires, and a Jesuit, a thinking man's priest.

Here's an abominable picture of Collaborative Care in Abington, PA. Jazmin carried in two boxes for me. Carly is the other new girl in the office.

No way am I gonna carry a heavy box. Unless I'm in Dachau.

You know how I'm always watching movies? The most recent are

very suspenseful! It's good to live in a fantasy world upon occasion and have your heart pound

They're creating a film called Argo about a space ship to be filmed in the movie capital of the world: Teheran!

Nothing like a teacher having sex with her 15-yo student! Superb acting by Dench and Blanchett and the kid, who is 24 today.

How can I explain this awful film? The male lead had a very unusual but pleasant deep and breathy voice. He reminded me of one of my former boyfriends. The actor used to be a member of Scientology.

I've had two close encounters with Scientologists. To hear of my experiences, please send check for $100 made out to New Directions to help pay for the Compass and I'll tell you about my experiences, one in the downtown SEPTA station, thother at a NYC headquarters.

"Light in the Kitchen" here I come!

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