Friday, January 4, 2013

Bank robbery today, I was there yesterday

Hatboro Bank robbery

Hatboro police offiers and the FBI have found the stolen vehicle that this 50-ish white male used to rob the Hatboro, PA Branch of TD Bank, a subsidiary of Toronto-Dominion Bank, founded in Portland ME in 1852.

I was there only yesterday, Friday, to deposit two $20 bills in Canadian currency, donated by Warren's parents at our Musical Fundraiser in Brooklyn.

I got to know just about everyone in the bank in the 40 minutes it took to get American dollars. After the first 40 minutes, I said, I'm gonna run some errands, I'll be back.

Went out to my car, started driving and noticed a PARKING TICKET on the windshield. Great! I'm gonna spend all the donation money on a parking ticket.

So I drove straight to the Hatboro Police Department, where I've never been before, and paid $10 cash. Not too bad.

Then I returned to the bank and got $28.22 in American money for the Canadian currency.

I met Stephanie MacFarland, the new branch manager, a very attractive blond woman, who's been there only 6 months. Very kind and helpful.

I dealt with the teller Lisa, also very nice. They were very apologetic about the delay. I wonder if she was the one who was held up.

I told Stephanie what a lovely bank it was. She said Thank you, taking pride in it. Formerly, a Commerce Bank, all in red, was there. TD is done up in Green.

"America's most convenient bank" they dub themselves. Perhaps that's why he went there.

Hatboro Bank robbery
Take a look at the pretty carpet. Instead of having those cumbersome stand-in-line ribbons, TD has woven it right on the carpet.

In fact it says:

Customers stand here

Bank robbers stand here

One new fellow in the offices has only been there a couple of days. I wished him good luck.

I was there so long that I thought my blood sugar might go low.

I helped myself to a green lollipop, eschewing the purple one. It's in my pocketbook now at the ready.

 Ada reminded me one of my fav TV shows - Blue Bloods is on Channel 3 tonite.

I biked while watching the first 7 minutes.

Guess what? It's about a sniper on the BQ-E, the same Brooklyn Queens Expressway Donna and I were on to and from the Brooklyn Musical Fundraiser.

I never would've heard of it.

Okay.... TV time. Can't wait.


  1. I am very glad (if I am understanding correctly) that you weren't there at the same time as the bank robber. So of whom are those photos posted on this?

    Funny, as we like Bluebloods too, saw this episode and thought about your earlier post about the BQE.

    Today I am busy trying to coordinate a birthday dinner for one of my kids and to see if I can get the others to come along, rather than going out separately as siblings. Haven't heard back from two of them. One is sleeping, after having been up for 36 hrs straight. Bet you can guess which one, though don't respond here please.

  2. good luck with your family dinner. my family - scott and i - will dine shortly on our weekend home-made pizza. he does everything. my role is to saute the mushrooms, onions and peppers and make sure they're cut into very small pieces.

    i was at the bank the day before it was robbed.