Saturday, December 29, 2012

Winter wonderland, December 2012 PLUS tomro's Rent Party in Bklyn

I had no choice. After I shoveled, I had to photograph the b'ful new world of the snow.

Kitchen window w curtains mom made me. What would I do w/o her? She said her memory is going at age 90.

Here's Judy Diaz's porch furniture on the back porch. I last talked to her from her home in Niwot, CO, where she berated me for seeing lousy and violent movies like Jack Reacher and The Hobbit when there's so many good ones out. I couldn't think of a thing to say in my defense.

 A wayward branch from my silver maple flew over and knocked out a segment of the Adams family fence.

 Never noticed the Y branch of the trimmed silver maple.

 Thanks again, Dave Small, for doing such a nice job with the new door and porch steps.

Bought "small red beans" for the first time and made this delicious soup.

Tomro my sister Donna from Hatboro and I are driving in to NY around noon. Sarah is having a "rent party" to raise money for New Directions. Rent parties began in Harlem to help raise money for the rent.

Entertainment will be by Ethan Iverson on piano - Christopher O'Riley, media host and performer - and Sam Newsome on soprano sax.

Sarah will be cooking her fine-restaurant-style cuisine.

Read Sarah's Rent Post here.

Although I long to go upstairs and get to the 8 books I'm reading, for you, Dear Reader, I'm gonna post some bonus photos.

Here is the single parent family of Ruth, Sarah and Dan.

I would go to K-Mart and get photos taken. They lure you in by promising one 5 x 7 for free and then expect you to buy the entire pack.

All I wanted was one photo but you had to buy a $36 packet. So I got one photo for free.

I have a FB friend named Jamie Stiehm. She's a great writer currently at work on a bio of Lucretia Mott, founder of Swarthmore College and freethinking Quaker abolitionist, who lived down Philadelphia way.

When I worked for, I reported on Lucretia Mott

She got her first article published in today's Times. I wanted to encourage her so I left her a comment you can read here.


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