Friday, December 28, 2012

Thanks Jonatha and Iris - Books, Inc.

Okay, I admit it. I got carried away and am reading 6 books at once. My friend, Coach Iris sent me the one in the blue cover by Aimee Bender, the story of a most unusual family, including the daughter Rose who, when she eats, can taste the mood - angry, resentful, happy - of the person or factory worker who made the cookie or sandwich.

I've always loved fairy tales so when I read of a new translation I checked it outa the POTTSTOWN Library thru interlibrary loan. Not a word is wasted in these exciting tales, all of which have a happy ending. And, unlike real life, the bad people are punished.

"Far from the Tree" is Andrew Solomon's "bible" on people who are very different from their parents. Eleven years in the making, he gained unprecedented interviews with 300 amazing families.

I particularly enjoyed the interview with Sue and Tom Klebold, parents of Columbine mass murderer Eric. Read about it here and watch the video. Well worth your time, this lonely Friday night, with me trying to stay away from eating.

"Diabetes Solution" by Richard K Bernstein, MD, is written by a physician with Type 1 Diabetes who hasn't eaten a piece of fruit since 1970.

Richard Bernstein, b. 1934. Now in his mid-seventies, he's believed to be one of the oldest Type 1 diabetics. He was diagnosed at age 12. Following the precepts of the American Diabetes Association, he couldn't get his blood sugar under control, so he did research and developed his own lo-carb diet to stabilize his glucose, which runs an average of 84.

I learned from him that you can use both sides of your fingers to test your blood, important so your fingers don't become callused, and also that you can reuse your lancets for an entire month.

A wonderful maverick!

How about these b'ful crocheted snowflakes I received in the mail? To tell you the truth, I dread opening gifts b/c I usually don't like em. These I love! Thank you Jonatha Johnson from Vicksberg, MI.

I'm working very hard on my Kidney Memoir. Sarah lent me this book by the late crime fiction writer Charles Willeford which is an account of his excruciatingly painful hemorrhoid operation. This 50-page book, autographed by the author, was purchased by husband Ethan over the Internet.  

I read it in a couple of waiting rooms and I was howling with laughter.

Willeford's autograph barely shows up, but other things do, in this lil collage I made especially for you, Dear Reader!

 Even tho Bob Walmsley installed many new windows in my house a few years ago, when the wind was howling the other nite, the draft was so bad when I was in bed, I had to stuff pillows over the windows and close the shutters the Travis family had installed before I moved in.

You'll notice I hired Mondrian to paint the dark wooden paneling behind my bed.

Here are a few different ways people of note end their TV shows:

Julie Child - Bon Appetite

Tavis Smiley - Keep the Faith

Bill McLoughlin - Bye-bye

Ruth Deming will have to think of her own unique ending. You have 90 seconds, Ruthie!

Ruth Deming - Later!

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