Saturday, December 8, 2012

Scott and I View the Xmas Lights

The Valenza House on Terwood Road near Greyhorse Road was spectacular!

I'm not getting outa the car, I told Scott, until I drove past and we both got out. Scott was exhausted. This is his sleep catch-up day.

 Dozens upon dozens of families piled from their cars to view the lights. Xmas music blared from spekaers. The Valenzas go all out!

Below is a huge 'southern mansion' on Edgehill Road all dolled up for Xmas. Terrible photo. This year they added a huge inflatable motocycle.

 The hilliest street in the neighborhood is quite possibly Greenhill Drive. I drove past the Garofola home. They had a manger scene in front. I'll email the family to say this is the first anniversary of their loved one - Tony Garofalo's - death.

 When I came home I was hungry so began munching on peanuts. Then I knew I was low (blood sugar) - I was sweating and my vision had big white 'holes' in the middle, so I ate some dried apricots and hi-carb whole-grain pretzels. I was 47.

There's a certain thrill about going low, as long as it doesn't kill ya. It's like being hypomanic but on a very small scale.

In the Xmas spirit I bought these b'ful stamps. I esp. love the top ones which I spose are the wise men on the way to Nazareth, Jesus's birthplace.

Ada bought me a book of postcards. This book is French posters. I promoted use of postcards to a roomful of friends the other day.

Grace wrote on her chalkboard. When Dan came in the room he said, "Who made those lovely designs on the chalkboard?"

She's afraid to go down the basement of their new house b/c of a dehumidifier down there.

I took her down the basement where the D was making noises like a fridge and held her hand as we passed by and she went over to Daddy's desk against the wall.

I'm gonna check my email, she said with a straight face. She got one from Mom-mom and a few others in the family.

The above shot was taken in the Playroom, off the living room, a wonderful room overtaken by every toy imaginable.

When I left, I shot their house from outside.

I bought the Demings a housewarming gift, hung it on a tree outside the front door, and said nuffin.

I hope they'll notice it tomro.

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