Monday, December 31, 2012

Part One: Getting lost on the way to Brooklyn Fundraising Gala for New Directions

Words cannot express how wonderful it was! 50 or 60 people met at Sarah and Ethan's starting at 8 pm. We didn't fall into bed until 3.

My sister Donna and and I drove down. I drove there, she drove back.

We got lost on the Belt Parkway, looking for the BQE: Brooklyn-Queens-Expressway.

How lost were we?

It took four hours longer than it should have.

Yes, the traffic sometimes crawled but in essence we had no idea where we were going. Altho Donna mapquested it - and yes, she should've googled it - we couldn't read the signs, IF there were signs.

Yes, I was driving and taking pix also, easy b/c of stop and go traffic. Donna was constantly on the phone with one of her kids, finding out how they were spending the day. 

We were headed toward the Verrazano Bridge,

then got off and got onto the Belt Parkway, where we got on n off about four times in our long frustrating journey to Brooklyn.

We noshed on peanuts and pretzel sticks on the way. 

We were joking that we hoped we'd get there before it was dark, BUT we ended up driving in the dark, two women in their sixties with poor nite vision. We noted the lack of lights on parts of the expressway.

Wasn't able to get shots of housing in the Far Rockaways.

The Atlantic Ocean was off to our right. Mucho damage from Hurricane Sandy.

We spoke to Ethan several times who helped guide us to their apartment in Park Slope.

Like the mensch he is, he met us outside and parked our car in the lot.

We schlepped up three flights of stairs with our baggage.


  1. My old territory-the BQE, Belt Parkway and Verrezano, which my father called the Very Narrow Bridge...Wish I could have been there. I admire that you drive to NY, which I have never done and never will, unfortunately.

  2. hey, it's great to know that someone understands! our little support group of two. love your dad's comment and his word play, which obviously was carried on by his little iris!

  3. Jimmy Greene, the jazz musician and teacher, who lost his 6 yr daughter, Ana Marquez-Greene, went to Bloomfield High School and was only about a year older than my son, Ben. So terrible!