Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy 67th to me! - Here we come a caroling among the fields so green

Hail, hail, the gang's almost all here. At Donna's.

Photo: My gram!!!❤❤❤
Mom and Nikki.

Photo: Happy holidays!
Steve and son Paddy-piano-player.

Photo: Happy holidays!

Sweetie-pie Sarah. Take two kidneys in one body and divvy them up. Sarah keeps one and gives me one. We've never felt better in our lives.

Donna hosted a great party. Gram, Ellen and I didn't arrive until dessert.

Photo: Baking cookies!! Happy holidays❤

Photo: No nap yet but there is snuggling!

Mom-mom and Grace are ......

We had a delicious dinner at Dan and Nicole's. As soon as I got home I ripped into the doggie-bag of ham, as did Sarah.

While watching the Twilight Zone...

The Night of the Meek, I pedaled for 40 minutes on my bike to lower my blood sugar. Rod Serling was also born on Xmas Day. Thanks to Chuck M for pointing this out.

I was so prouda my mom.

Photo: My gram!!!❤❤❤
She took her walker and with the help of her family, made the long walk to Donna's house. Earlier I'd driven her by the beautiful Valenza Xmas house.

Per my request, she made me Green Jell-O with pineapple inside and Shortbread with rosemary. The shortbread was a real hit and will now be part of mom's fabulous dessert trays.

She also made Dan her famous lemon cake with icing, which he loved.

This was the first Xmas in Dan and Nicole's beautiful new house.

Before leaving home for the big day, I printed out the lyrics to my fav Christmas Carols.

Good King Wencesles

We Three Kings of Orient Are

Deck the Halls

Joy to the World

The Little Drummer Boy

PLUS a little history of each song.

At Donna's, in the living room, half of the party gathered to sing carols. Even Mom sang!

Tremendous fun!

And to all a good nacht!


  1. Looks like a warm and wonderful Christmas, Ruth!

  2. the best! i'll check yours later, bill. gotta get on the bike again.