Friday, September 7, 2012

Watching Obama - Book Club - The indispensibility of peanuts

Here's Clinton as seen on my living room laptop. A Times op-ed likened his speech to a professional violinist as compared to talented amateurs.

Were all the men wearing white shirts to show they were real Americans and not the dreaded words liberal or progressives?

It was good to see speechmaker Gabby Giffords (L) making progress after being shot by one of America's famous crazed gunmen.

All these pics are from the Times. I liked Obama's short haircut, flecked with gray.

He certainly can't appear with 'radical' longer hair like Dr Cornelius West of Princeton and the Union
Theological Seminary in NYC.

Images are everything.

White-shirted Joe Biden, 69, is a strikingly handsome man. And a bore. What? He's just named my blog as one of his favorites? Oh, Joe, I could listen to you talk all nite long.

When Obama came on I raced upstairs to my bedroom in this one-TV house and flipped on the television. Something very strange happened. You know all them buttons on the remote? The buttons no one but a genius can comprehend?

Well, I hit the wrong one and could not get a picture. Darn!

I also wanted to hear the commentary at the end by David Brooks and Mark Shields.

Fortunately my laptop sufficed. And I lay down on my new red couch and watched the entire performance.

Flawless. Not a wasted word. Covered all the important issues. All of them.

At one point as I watched,

there was a side-view shot of the president and all you saw from this far-away shot was a black man at the podium.

What a miracle that this happened in America where bigotry is still king.

 I didn't know which one was Sasha and which one was Malia. So I went on Wiki. Malia is the oldest. Sasha is short for Natasha. Dyou think I'll remember this tomro? Alpha order, Ruthie.

My camera was in my pocketbook and I needed it to download the Clinton foto above. So I reached inside and there was this viscous liquid inside.

I dumped everything onto the kitchen table and cleaned everything off. My loose change is now soaking in a basin in the sink.

What was the culprit?

An impulse purchase. I never chew gum. Now it chewed me.

Earlier today I went to my Upper Moreland Library Book Club to discuss The Great Fire by Shirley Hazzard, a difficult book to read but very enjoyable.

It was Kullie's 87th birthday. She said one of the highlights of her life is our book club! Adam, the librarian in charge, said the book club is 15 years old.

I've probly been going for 2 years.

I usually check out about 4-5 books at a time knowing that I'll only like one of them. I must read a good book or my life is not complete.

What must YOU do, to make your life complete.

If I don't have this, my life is not complete

I buy the unsalted Giant brand.

One wonders if there's something critical in the nuts that my body needs. High in protein, of course.Some calcium and iron. Before my kidney transplant, I couldn't eat nuts in order to preserve my diminishing renal function.

Look with what lapidary fluidity I type the words 'renal function.'

When I stopped in at the office of Abington Prez where we hold our New Directions meetings, I saw two CDs on the desk made by the church's famed orchestra.

I bargained and got the two for $10: Mendolssohn's Elijah and the Brahms Requiem. Am listening to the Brahms now. Exquisite music. Nice and relaxing - and melancholy.

The Elijah I'll bring into the kitchen to listen to. Mendelssohn, a Jew, was a prodigy and rediscovered Bach.

Last call for peanuts! The peanut vendor at the ballgame, a young man, who helps his parents out in this worst of all economies since the great depression, has only a dozen more bags to sell and then he can text his girlfriend and tell her he's coming over.

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