Sunday, September 16, 2012

Picnic in the Park - ArtsFest in Doylestown

Scott and I have a nice tradition. Every Sunday morning we hike for an hour and then feed our aching bodies with a picnic lunch.

We chose Lorimer Park, a 25-minute drive from Cowbell Road.

Here are more photos of this beautiful, tranquil piece of land, built on undulating hills.

Crystal-clear creek, which reminds me of the Friday movie I saw at the HV Library Cross Creek, 1983, starring the b'ful Mary Steenbergen and her then-husband Malcolm MacDowell. It's the story of her becoming a successful novelist by writing about things she knows.

We took a path not traveled and stood at the fence of this farm, along with a dozen other stunned suburbanites.

Cameras at the ready!

Caution: Electric fence.

I should put this fat foto of me on my jar of peanuts as a reminder.

Pale horse, pale rider. Quick: Who wrote the book?

"I no-no Bubby," said Grace.

We picked a scenic place to lunch. The dots are people playing in the field.

Overhead, war planes were flying. I thought it was trouble in the Mideast but a passerby said they'll fly over the first Eagles' game of the season.

Here's my tongue sandwich smothered with chopped liver and our garden tomatoes. The potato salad was delicious and pleased Scott. We forgot nothing except our thermos of cold water which had rolled under my front seat.

Mercifully there were absy no buzzing bees or wasps.

On our way home we came upon an old long Cadillac ElDorado, front wheel drive, said Scott.

Another fantastic house. Scott and I stopped home to get some water and then headed out to the Doylestown Arts Festival, specifically to see my friend Claudia McGill, One of her paper collages is here in the living room, another up in my study, and her painting is down in the family room.

The long trek up Main Street to the festival. I waited until the girl with the orange hair passed so I could get her photo. I love quirky things. The cops did a great job cordoning off the street and warning motorists of the detour.

County Theater where Arbitrage is playing. I'll see it when it comes out on DVD.

Wonderful shops and restaurants line the streets of Doylestown.

Ah, here's Claudia McGill now checking her iPhone. She's got a lil pouch in front of her where she keeps the little darling, marsupial-like.

Curly-haired husband Bob was comfortable in his easy chair. I asked about son Andrew, a talented writer who finished college and is now working at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  Their headlines say the Steelers won, just as the Eagles did. By one point.

We found Claudia in Booth 62. A women told us behind the booth behind the cars that were being raffled off. A man sat behind the wheel of a Porsche.

Claudia is originally from Tennessee and still has a slight twang.

Richard Avedon I am not. Look at her fine paintings and collages. I just love em!

A dog stroller. Loads of people came with their adorable dogs.

Ruthie: make a mental note to eat in this restaurant. We saw the food and it looked scrumptious. TROMPA.

I stopped in the Obama office looking for some stickers. The guy told me to download them from

I won't.

Doylestown is filled with b'ful old buildings that are preserved.

Josiah Shaw Historic House. "Josiah," not a fashionable name no more.

Livery house.

Top of the house is a defunct plumbing biz.

Lovely exterior of a tattoo n piercing parlor. Step inside please. Scott will wait outside.

This satisfied customer is waiting for his GF to finish up.

The owner's fingers are tattooed with a saying that means the ship is sinking.

Grant staircase of the Hellyer House, renovated by Weichart Realtors. Teresa let me wander around.

Gee, if only I had an office like this, I could be a real novelist.

Goodbye beautiful house.

Kiki was holding a yard sale. I bot a nice paisley blouse for three bucks.

Side view of the Hellyer House.

Okay, pizza time. Remember? Sunday nite....home-made pizza, Columbo, and Masterpiece.

Not a bad life at all, n'est-ce pas?


  1. thanks claude! scott and i are leaving for ocean city, nj now. i should ask you how to make those automatic emails that say, GONE FISHIN!

  2. What a nice tradition-your Sunday morning hikes and picnic. Doylestown looks great too. I have never been there.
    And tongue and chopped liver together in one sandwich is really getting back to your roots. I haven't tasted tongue in yrs but every-so-often let myself have a chopped liver sandwich.