Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I learn it is 9/11 when I take my blood glucose - Poem: Lady Diabetes

People are shocked that I check my blood sugar 6 to 8 times a day. Well, diabetes is a slow-progressing disease and I don't aim to get any of the terrible complications in this one life I have to live.

If you take such good c/o yourself, why did you run out of test strips this morning?

Uh, er, well, I just don't know. Or, as 2-yo Grace Catherine would say, "I no-no!"

To make up for it, I was telling Bob the pharmacist, I licked clean a used bloody test strip and attempted to get a reading off it.

It didn't work.

Bob provided me with fresh test strips at the pharmacy. Expensive little devils. Thank goodness for Medicare!

Drove Rosemary to her hairdresser today.

Gary Charles Salon in the Fox Chase section of Philly. Spectacularly successful, they expanded and now have a water fountain cascading out front.

I dropped her off and commenced my walk.

I sat in Lions Park and ate my snack I purchased at the one and only Rieker's Meat Market which Rosemary introduced me to.

I'm on a search for Tongue, the meat that many Jews love. Ben and Irv's has fatty tongue. Jack's Deli has good tongue but is a bit far to travel.

If only Rieker's had it!

They did and call it Blood Tongue. It has enough salt to dry up the Atlantic Ocean. I ate four pieces and then later on threw it in the trash. I'm a composter, but didn't want our fox to have renal failure.

I am going to write another diabetes poem and then come back and put it on here. Deadline pressure!

Song of the moment: Elbow's "Lippy Kids." I managed to catch the name on XPN and play it frequently on YouTube,  


Lady Diabetes rides a golden chariot
black hair streaming across the sky
free samples, she cries, and
drops off Ben and Irv’s Chunky Monkey
Ghiradelli brownies and TollHouse cookies
hot from the oven.
I comfort myself with peanuts and almonds.
And feel the cold tile floor beneath my feet.

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