Sunday, September 23, 2012

Be in the moment, I said, about our brief vacation to Ocean City, NJ

Life goes by so swiftly. I tried to inhale the salty air along the beach, take in the beautiful smooth stones and broken shells along the hard-packed sand that made walking easy, and delight in every morsel of food we ate. We tried new restaurants with great success.

Dave Knox. He also put in some windows for mama.

Before we left, my gutter had come loose from the nails due to high winds. Whenever I need someone, I call my old landlord, Damian LaRosa, and ask for a recommendation.

So here's Dave Knox who came out pronto with his buddy and nailed all the gutters back in. I thot $100 was a fair price.

Hemingway short stories carried us thru the highways to the shore. I listened to Snows of Kilimanjaro three times! Yes, it was that good. It's very clever how the dying man finds himself atop the huge mountain signifying death, one of Ernie's favorite topics.

For the first time we bought our laptop.

Bedtime snack was boardwalk peanuts in shells.

Veggie omelet w delicious potatos. I limited myself b/c of my diabetes, which was actually well controlled.

Looks like I'm wearing a surplice. Am reading a terrific Lois Lowry book - my first - Bless this Mouse - it's wonderful.

The fine art of vending machines.

I bot two striped shirts for $11 apiece. I've always favored stripes.

Nice birdbath.

Watson's Regency is where we stay. We swam in their indoor pool and fooled around in the Jazuzzi.

On the beach. These are my new Minnetonka sandals. Half price. I bought two pairs.

What on earth? Oh, lobster rav at Ocean Cafe. Superb.

Lemon creme pie with whipped cream. Very moist and delicious.

Afterward, we walked about 40 mins and my sugar was normal when we got home. What dyou that of that, Claudia?

Here's James of the craggy face. Sexy.

Here's Charlotte, our waitress, and not her real name. Her caseworkers helped her escaped from her physically abusive husband. She's got three b'ful daughters, all of whom came in today.

Domestic violence is a terrible thing. You'd think it would be easy to leave the man but it's far from it. They play a game w you and make you feel like crap, like you can't live without them.

Scott and I drove him early on Sunday. Got home about 7 pm. My new gardener had done a terrific job job mowing. He lives in Palmyra NJ.

I have my books in a lil pile near the door. The Wind in the Willows, quite good. By Kenneth Grahame.

Toady on left, and Ratty on right.

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  1. Sounds like you had a really nice time. If only our getaways weren't so brief but glad you enjoyed it.

    I have always loved "Wind in the Willows"-a favorite of mine!

    Don't know the book you mentioned...Bless This Mouse" Will look it up.

    Again, I love my unexpected gift that you sent and thank you.