Monday, September 3, 2012

Are you as amazed as I am that it's Monday, Labor Day?

Decided not to put my flag out in the rain. But I will put it on my blog

Since it was pouring today, Scott and I walked at the Willow Grove mall. He was shocked at all the stores that had gone outa biz. But, the mall was mobbed! People were carrying not one but many shopping bags.

Showed Scott where we used to have our Mornings at the Mall.

Got to the mall and I realized my blood sugar might get low so I bought a scrumptious

Williams and Sonoma is one of his fave stores so we stopped in to browse.

They always offer samples, so I ate a tiny piece of waffle with a delicious cherry topping. Very small piece and I figgered I would walk off the sugar.

As I told my sister Donna, who lives 12 minutes away, and I see once every two months:

Diabetes rules my life.

So I've just finished the waffle and I see a coffeemaker on the counter.

It just arrived. Nespresso, made in Switzerland.

Boy, if there's one thing the Swiss know how to do it's make watches and clocks. But coffeemakers?

"I would love a cuppa coffee," I said to the maiden behind the counter. She was wearing a green apron that didn't have her name on it.

"Sure," she said, "take your pick."

These teeny-tiny plastic capsules hold coffee grounds inside.

Of course I wanted decaf but I told her to just pick one for me.

I drank it while Scott and I wandered thru the store gawking at all the things I would never be able to afford.

And speaking of saving money, I saved $60 today by coloring my hair. I use 112A by Clairol, but settled for 112 at the Giant.

Not much of a self-portrait but there I am.

When Scott came over for dinner, I said, Gimme a kiss.

What for? he asked.

Just kiss me.

He did.

Dyou have glue on your lips? he asked.

I went back to the Willow Grove mall, which, again was super-crowded, and went to the Pro-Nails Salon, where they do facial waxing.

I was beginning to look a little like ole Abe Lincoln, so I checked in under an assumed name, signed in - the place was absolutely packed - and sat reading a horrid People magazine.

Finally, my name was called and I was told: Go into the room in back on the right. Right now.

Okay, I said, bringing my magazine. Always, dear reader, bring your reading material with you.

All the employees in Pro-Nails were wearing MASKS. The fumes of nail polish are awful and who knows, possibly carcinogenic.

A very slender man, with a mask on, waxed off me hairs. He could barely speak English. I asked him if he was from Korea and he said, Vietnam.

Like a fool, I apologized for the war, and said I love Vietnamese food.

Little Ruthie saves the day!

He asked me something in Vietnamese and I said Yeah.

Maybe he said, As retribution for the war, would you like me to bludgeon you to death?

Yeah, says Little Ruthie.

It cost $13 and I gave him and $2 tip and left with my lips glued together.

Of course Romney and Company do not like immigrants who haven't learned to speak English. These lying anti-American hypocrites must be defeated. And if today at the mall was any indication that the economy is improving, albeit ever so slowly, and people are spending money, it will look good on Obama's resume.

I spent all of $15 plus $1.09 for the Hershey bar.

Listen to this. Scott bought the candy bar for me in the Sears men's department.

There was an impulse-buying rack of candy just below the counter.

He put the bar on the counter.

"Would you like to donate to the poor hungry children of the world?" Rosa asked.

Scott said nothing.

"What's your zipcode please?" she asked.

"Just ring the thing up," said Scott.

That's my guy.

Here was our dinner:

Fresh salmon cooked in coconut oil with mushrooms and onions, lightly steam asparagus and carrots, and the first polenta I have ever made.

Jersey tomatoes

Scott and I went for an after-dinner walk to lower my glucose - diabetes rules my life - and I'll drive him to the train station in 10 minutes.

Scott keeps the trains running.


  1. I am amazed that today, Wednesday, September 5, is Memorial Day, September 3.

    Glad to see you are buying chocolate and doing your part to stimulate the economy.

    I hope this comment makes it through. The last time I tried, multiple times, my words just disappeared when I clicked "publish."

  2. so glad you persevered to get your comment all the way from the great state of Alaska to little Pennsy. you've made a terrific recovery, I'm glad to hear, and more good fortune is coming your way.