Thursday, November 11, 2010

Einstein day or You mean, it's only 8 pm?

What a long day! This is transplant surgeon Radi Zaki, MD. The man is young, 42, according to the Internet, and graduated from Cairo University.

The other surgeon, Stalin Campos, 46, from El Salvador, poked his head in the door. I asked him when he performed his last transplant.

Sunday nite, he said.

Is the patient still alive? I asked.

Yes, he said, knocking on the door frame.

This is Paige Lockwood, RN, nurse coordinator, a really great gal who calls everyone 'sweetie.'

Sarah came in early in the morning for tests as a possible donor.

Dan drove me to Einstein. He brought a book in case he got bored: Dive in with Python, a programming language.

I promised Scott I would watch Frontline tonite, the show about the forced confessions to a rape and murder. He wants my opinion about the suspects. One of them is from nearby Warminster, PA.

I'll watch it on my new laptop. I have two weeks to decide whether or not to return it. I like it. Scott's got my old Dell.

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