Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010 - Hello Spencer!

Home for the holidays. My son/law Ethan Iverson and his developmentally disabled younger brother, Spencer. I'd heard so much about Spencer but meeting him was really a joy. Alert and exquisitely sensitive, he found traveling from his group home in WI very challenging. He was hungry so Sarah made him some buttered noodles. He followed the tenure of our conversations but his speech is difficult to understand. I made the mistake of not allowing him to finish a sentence which always ends with the name of the person he's talking to.

I'd wondered if Spencer was similar to my autistic brother David but David lost the ability to communicate when he was in his early 20s.

Having a developmentally disabled person in your life can be a real blessing, esp. in helping them feel loved and important.

Ethan, Sarah and Spencer would drive to NJ where my huge family celebrated Turkey Day. When we were saying g'bye, I said to Spencer, Please come back sometime.

His head jerked quickly: No, I don't wanna come back, he said in his halting way. Sarah explained to him he wouldn't have to return, I said it to show I liked him.

My little Nefertiti who made loads of good food for the guests.
C'est moi on Dan's sleeping bag, spread out on the living room floor, where I greet guests like an ancient Israelite or Bedouin. Instead of sand, I have plenty of autumn leaves on the carpet. Instead of coffee, which I no longer drink, you can help yourself draw some water from the well, and may also slice yourself a piece of home-made bread. See forthcoming post.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful gathering of the clan and glad you got to meet Spencer. Ours was good but also replete with drama.--A story for another day.