Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Surprise phone call! - Hello Haraan!

I was upstairs in bed a'Compassing when the phone rang.

It was none other than Roberto Hernando Cartagena, former husband of my sister Donna, and father of Melissa and Nikki, two of the most sublimely beautiful women, inside and out, you've ever met.

Sunday nite was Melissa's 40th birthday party held in some Manhattan pad. Herman, as we've always called him, had been talking on the rooftop after the party, and my daughter Sarah told him about my kidney problems.

Herman was very concerned and wanted me to try all sorts of alternative treatments, but I explained to him, the only thing that will help me is getting a new kidney.

Herman is originally from Ecuador. He and his family are educators, having worked in NYC schools. Daughter Nikki followed in his footsteps as a teacher. Melissa missed that calling and shocked us all when she announced many years ago she wanted to be a dentist. And is.

Last year Scott drove us all to Long Island for her wedding where Sarah officiated as minister. I can still see it in my mind's eye.

Since I'm still not driving, Scott drove me to the AT and T store to buy a new charger. This handsome young man - Haraan - sold it to me. His name is a combo of some important people in his life.

View of life from the backseat where I rode on my belly. First time I ever looked at the roof of my car. It looked soft as lambs' wool but when I touched it, it was PLASTIC. Oh, you know these Mercedes.

Scott and I watched a terrific movie - A Perfect World, directed by Clint Eastwood in 1993, and starring Kevin Costner as an escaped con and beautiful gutsy Laura Dern as a criminologist. Eastwood didn't want a role in the film but Costner prevailed on him so he played a lawman out to get Costner.

Riveting film with good characterization. Costner took a 7-yo boy hostage who was played extremely well by TJ Lowther. There's nothing worse than a poor child actor, but TJ was excellent.

Quick, can you name some other child actors? Brandon de Wilde, soft-voiced Margaret O'Brien, Liz Taylor, Mickey Rooney, Jackie Cooper. Whew! The mind works sometimes.

Scott only slept thru bits n pieces of i=the film, as he's constantly catching up on his sleep. Maybe after he retires in 10 years, he'll be able to sleep a week straight without looking at his watch and saying, Somebody's gotta go to work around here.


  1. Man! I haven't watched a Clint Eastwood movie in a long time!

    That's why I feel so tired and stressed.

  2. I remember Herman!

    Wish I had a dentist in the family! I could use one.

    That's a good movie too! Hope the Compass is coming along well. Wish your back were.

  3. thanks, iris. glad you enjoyed the movie too. my son dan is here now fixing my new acer computer. i reunited with larry and louisa at FB! thanks to you

  4. well go to it, mr kracker! here in philly we can get FREE movies from the library. you will LOVE this eastwood movie...in fact i thought of you cuz the fugitive was trying to get to alaska, probly to see you and margie and those darlin kids n cats!