Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Surcease from pain s'il vous plait?

The more one suffers, the more, I believe, has one a sense for the comic. Søren Kierkegaard

I read this quite appropriate quote on one of my favorite blogs - The Morning After - by Terry Teachout, drama critic for the WSJ.

Since this morning was my appt to see if I could get surcease from pain from my sciatica the quote is perfect.

I spent a goodly portion of my appt literally cackling with laughter. Fontaine from our group drove me to Rheumatology Associates in Willow Grove and I limped up the ramp and into the office, the Office of Pain and walkers and wheelchairs.

I was first interviewed by Joan Rooney who entered everything into her laptop. Then she asked me to get up on the table for an examination.

Dyou have a degree? I asked her.

That was probly our 144th cackle together.

The doc's name was Mark Lopatin. I think. He tested my reflexes which he said were good. And tested my strength, you know, he holds your leg and tells you to push against his arm.

Good, he said.

You wanna Indian wrestle? I asked him.

No, he said, I might lose.

Joan howled in the background.

The big thing to come out of the appt is that I've now got a huge heating pad all across my tush. Fontaine was kind enuf to drive to the nearby Walmart to buy it for me. I lay in the back seat of the car writhing with pain.

More cackling as I sip my hot chocolate which tastes astoundingly fake. How come I never noticed before?

Guess what? I'm missing my second New Directions meeting tonite. Too much pain to endure in one day.

But you know what? I can think and I can concentrate. I used to collect quotes. Doris Lessing said something about If you have the ability to concentrate, the whole world is yours.

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