Saturday, November 13, 2010

Remembering my psychopathic clients

As we know, at least two things are true.

If you have eggs in the house, you won't go hungry.

And if you've got a computer, you won't be bored.

I've just spent some time learning about sociopaths. Bob Gordon, PhD, who we interviewed in last year's Compass has a terrific website you can go to here.

I clicked on his YouTube videos and reaquainted myself with them.

When I worked as a therapist at the now-defunct Bristol-Bensalem Human Services I had a number of psychopaths - now known as antisocial personalities - for clients.

Rathan seeing them as individual clients, I put them into groups I ran.

These people weren't very successful cuz they all got caught early in their careers. They're probably still out there breaking the law. As Bob Gordon says, they promise to change but never do.

One guy, who was a pedophile, couldn't be in a group cuz he had a day job, so I saw him after work. He smelled awful so I told him that the next time he came in he should wear deodorant.

He did. He looked real sharp. I saw him one other time and then he never came back again.

I reported him to his probation officer who never got back to me. Too many people on his caseload, I suppose.

Those were the days! Judy Diaz in the next room. Greg Perri down the hall. Linda Cleighton at the front desk. Two hour lunch hours, many spent walking thru Resurrection Cemetery where Simon had a brother buried under a rock, and a pair of working kidneys.


  1. Well, I've got a computer and I am definitely not bored. We're out of eggs...

    guess I better go out to breakfast in the morning.

  2. well, borrow some from neighbor sarah.