Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A quick procrastinary maneuver and then a'Compassin

This, the blog, is the procrastination.

Tomro I have an important Kidney appointment. I'll meet the whole Einstein Hospital team - Dr Arraya, the nephrologist (we have no idea how to spell this word), plus the head of the Transplant Program, Radi Zaki, MD. Hopefully he's an MD and not a quack.And I'll see my beloved Paige Lockwood, nurse coordinator.

So, I finished the Jane Fonda autobiography: My Life So Far, written in 2005. Excellent! Yes, I know she was just on Oprah. Jane Fonda is an absolutely wonderful and honest woman. Sometimes I check her blog which is off to your Right.

Because of her involvement with Vietnam, it reminded me that many years ago I wrote a newspaper article about the artist Minh Hang who hailed from Vietnam. The story was so good I got it in the Inquirer.

I'd gone to a local art gallery and stood transfixed in front of some charcoal drawings done by a teenager named Minh Hang. The gallery owner put me in touch with him and I drove over to the Main Line where he had been 'adopted' by a Jewish family. He was completing art school.

While I was interviewing Minh, I began to get psychotic. I'd already been diagnosed with manic depression, and for some reason, my psychosis was breaking thru.

Knowing me, I undoubtedly had my pills with me and took some Haldol to stop the psychosis.

I did manage to write a beautiful article. When I showed it to Minh, he said, It's so simple. You didn't use any big words.

Sure, it was just the story of a young man's life and coming of age.

After reading the Fonda book, I googled Minh Hang and found him. He's living in Georgia and still creating art. Find him here.


  1. Jane Fonda! There was a time in my young life when I imagined that I was in love with her, and although she would have nothing to do with a young boy like me, we happened to be in the same airplane when it crashed in the Pacific and we floated off together, alone in the same life raft.

    What an interesting drift that was! Even if it took place only in the mind of an adolescent boy.

    I hope I get a chance to read what you wrote.

  2. lovely fantasy mr kracker. that's how i got thru high school, fantasizing having affairs with all sorts of people, esp. my history teacher, mr parasility! gee, haven't thought of him in quite some time. jane said something interesting about aging. she said women with good bone structure - like katherine hepburn - maintain looking youthful. i just caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. ya know what? i look like i'm
    64.5 years old!