Saturday, November 6, 2010

I'm following the NYC Marathon, are you?

Perhaps it's b/c I can barely walk, perhaps it's b/c running feels so great on one's legs and feet with the wind flowing toward your face, I shall be watching New York's Marathon via the NY Times tomorrow.

And what, Dear Reader, will you be doing?

Look how organized they. This is the ING-New York Marathon's website.

Some highlights I gleaned for you:

Breakfast will be offered until it runs out:


Poland Spring Brand 100% Natural Spring Water (yes, I'll have that but in a glass bottle if you still make em, I think the formula has something to do with sand)

Gatorade Prime and Endurance Formula - mmmm, I like lemon

bagels - I get mine at Manhattan Bagel, just cream cheese and scallion, please, Ilya

PowerBars - too dry

Dunkin' Donuts - my favorite coffee tho I stopped drinkin it


To alleviate congestion of releasing 45,000 runners all at once, runners will be released in "waves" of 15,000 each, depending on their recorded times.

Disabled racers will run first.

Start-up times for Racers are:

9:40 a.m. - 10:10 a.m. - and 10:40 a.m.


They advise you wear extra layers of "disposable clothing" which you discard at the start of the race into the marked bins. These clothes will be distributed to the needy.

My friend Rich Fleisher ran the marathon for several years with his son Aaron. Rich stills runs daily but he and Ada are visiting Aaron, wife Anissa and their year-old son Alec Reid in DC this weekend to celebrate Alec's first birthday!

When I was first diagnosed with manic-depression back in 1984, I was a runner. After I was put on lithium my anxiety levels soared so I would run to alleviate the anxiety. Now the only time I'm anxious is right now - I've gotta finish this blog by 9 o'clock so I can watch a GREAT MOVIE on Channel 12: Howards' End, a Merchant-Ivory film.

I have no idea what time it is cuz half my clocks are set for Fall Time.

Guess what?


Never say never.

I've taken a Leadership Role. And, guess what? I don't care if anyone follows me. I've just gotta play my conscience.

Saw this outstanding video on Edison Pena, the Chilean miner who ran in the mines during his forced captivity, attaching extra leg weights onto himself. Go Edison!

His name reminds me of my transplant surgeon's - Stalin Campos. They name you after your heroes.

I also favorited my new computer - the Acer, made in Taiwan. The billionaire who started the company in 1976 Stan Shih, born in 1944, retired in 2004 and does charity work.

Unfortunately the computer wasn't ready until an hour ago and Scott had already left to be with some friends. He went to pick up four pizzas at Grant and the Boulevard, a famous place, can't remember the name, and he'll bring it to his friend Mike's in Abington where he'll meet Paul Bongart, a friend from childhood. Bongart is active on Facebook but I don't spy on anybody othan Grace Catherine Deming, my grandbaby.

Did I tell you I got rid of Comcast cuz the price kept spiraling just like my age. Scott will install an antenna in my attic so I can get reception. When I used to get manic, I thought dead babies were up in the attic. That's pretty gruesome. I never was no nun.

So all those marathoners are psyching themselves up tonight. And you know what? It's snowing in Cleveland.

Called Aunt Selma who said, You're a nice girl, Ruthie.

You, too, Selma, I said. Her daughter Linda is in Buffalo at the engagement party of her son Adam and his girl Molly.

I call Selma every day that Linda is gone.

Can't wait till I can walk again!

View Edison Pena, the Chilean runner here.

And now....I'm outa here. I forgot I'm wearing my watch. I've got 13 minutes to make it to Scott's including my snacks of grapes and hard-boiled egg w/mayo.

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