Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I swear I was working when the phone rang....

Judy Kroll. Note Carl Yeager's Pink Tulip I bought at his show at Moss Rehab in Elkins Park, PA.

Indeed I was listening to Brahms' Symphony No. 1 on WRTI-FM and working on the difficult Editor's Corner and Judy Kroll was calling me.

I'm on your street, she said, calling from her carmine-red mini-van.

Which house is it?

Yellow house, I said from my bed, where I was tapping away on my new Acer.

Oh, I see it, she said. I'm there!

Sure enough, larger-than-life Judy Kroll pulled up and parked out front.

You look great, Judy, I said, limping out to meet her. You lost weight!

Judy is a champion bike rider and got her husband and 9-yo son Max involved in riding. The man who inspired her to ride recently died which shook her up. He was only 47. On account of that, she's making out her Bucket List.

I have only one thing on my list - a desire to visit The Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania, near the border of New York.

I told Judy that bar none my favorite years were when I was a stay-home mom taking care of Sarah and Dan. I did this in Giddings, TX; Austin, TX; and then Huntingdon Valley, PA, and Upper Moreland PA.

Judy agreed. "Max gets me," she said of her son. On her Blackberry she showed me a short video of his playing a Beatles tune, w/o looking at the music.

Judy has more chutzpah than any woman I know. And that's good! In August, she and her family visited the Rock n Roll Museum in Cleveland. I only saw the outside of it but hopefully I'll go back.

She mentioned Cedar Point in Sandusky OH.

Cedar Poin
t! I said. You mean it's still there! It was an amusement park we went to as kids.

In August, Judy, Barry and Max went to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Here they are at the very bottom with the brown muddy Colorado River.

Take me there someone, take me there.

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