Monday, November 1, 2010

I said to Russell: Being sick is sooo hard!

Got an email from Russell Eisenman, my first boyfriend after my divorce - he teaches in TX - and insteada emailing him back I simply called him. He had to go teach in 15 minutes. He teaches three Intro Psych classes, 90 students per class.

I met Russ at a singles' dance in Germantown and we've been friends ever since. Russell turned 70 last April. Despite being a great athlete in his youth, his physical health isn't great. Advised to get open-heart surgery years ago, he refused and told the doctor he would take pills instead.

His plan worked. Now Russ told me there's a new treatment for sluggish circulation in your legs, similar to the TMS stimulation mentioned in this blog. He's waiting for his doctor to call him and say, C'mon down for the 30-day treatment.

These neuromodular treatments are a thing of the present.

Went downstairs to make a salad for lunch. My leg was killing me. Had I overdone my sciatica exercises I found on YouTube?

Who could I call on the phone, I wondered, and then remembered...Marcy! In California. She used to live on Susan Drive in Philly until her house burned down. That's a good way of getting rid of all your old crap.

So Marce and I talked while I made my salad with olive oil and lemon dressing. Not so crazy about the dried cherries I added. I can always hear my mom's voice: They're saying now cherries are very healthy for you.

For chrissakes, Mom, they're a fruit, Of course they're healthy. And they're dark. You have some dark things, some light things. We don't need an expert to tell us.

I wanted an inspirational picture. I picked - what else! - the Alhambra. This goggle blogpost isn't working well and won't let me download it.

I have a lot of time to think. I lay here and realize I'm hooked up to the wider world. My laptop goes out roving. From my little perch here in Willow Grove it can send out signals.

And my phone. I could call London if I wished or Moscow. Or YOU. Gimme your number. I have a few free minutes.

Created a new blog today called Lady in Waiting: New Kidney Please. Why? It finally dawned on me this morning that I may after all get a new kidney. Check it out here.

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