Thursday, November 18, 2010

Artists are the conscience of the world / Poem: Water

Chilean-born Sebastian Errazuriz paints his installation at his Brooklyn studio of American soldiers who committed suicide in 2009, twice as many as soldiers killed in Iraq that same year.

We Americans must be blasted with the truth since we've blanked the wars from our consciousness.

Forget reading myself to sleep. I've discovered Watched the great zen master Alan Watts last night and meditated with him. Prior to that I attended a couple lectures given by British ethologist and atheist Richard Dawkins. And here is Dawkins' refutation of the Creationist Theory of the universe.

Don't tell the professor I was heard to mutter God take this pain away tho I've long since given up that silly notion.


Is that the train?
The five-forty-four
Pulling into willow grove
Against the night sky?
I listen thoughtfully to its music
And then
In what will be the
loveliest part of the day
I pour the water from the yellow pitcher
Into a clear glass
Cool from standing for hours
And absorbing the oneness
Of my room and everything in it
The heating pad, books, the laptop
The apple core wrapped in a napkin,
The newly fallen stinkbug
I shall pour myself another:
Delight too quickly gone.

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