Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fine Weather for Our Annual Bonfire

The moon was full when Ada and Rich picked me up and drove to Tamanend Park in Southampton, PA.

None of us took any chances. Ada, whose hair looked shiny and beautiful, wore long underwear, Rich had on a snug hat, and I was dressed in layers.

We actually peeled when we got there.

I sat or lay belly down on a sleeping bag the whole time.

The hot dogs smelled delicious but I couldn't have any - too much sodium - but I enjoy watching people wolf them down with mustard and relish.

Here's Helen, flanked by Noam and Mike, who with husband Larry organized the shebang:

Here's Laura whose dream is to travel to India. I told her I just finished the book Heat and Dust by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala (a German Jew who fled Nazi Germany to England and later married an Indian architect). It tells the tale of a spoiled British woman and her husband who are dispatched to India, he to work as a civil servant, and she to occupy herself on their large estate. She elopes w/a minor Indian prince and gets pregnant with his child. Within the storyline, it portrays a picture of teeming India.

Nice to see you, boys. Mike, head of Mike's Hikes, is in the middle. Noam and Jim are drinking hot cider or hot chocolate. Larry Kirschner, co-host, and getter of wood for the fireplace, is on extreme left.

Helen and Larry always stay until the last piece of wood is burned. Last year, I stayed w/them until around 2 a.m. When I got home, Scott came out of his house. He was terrified that something awful had happened to me cuz I told him I'd be home around midnite.

Always good to see newcomers at the Bonfire like husband and wife Rachel and Brandon.

Linda brought a delicious cranberry-pomegranate pie she made. She also read two of her poems. I asked for one of em to put in the Compass. Afterward she told us about a mutual friend of ours whom I'll call Becky who excels in offending people esp. Linda. She knows she can get away with it, I told Linda. Stand up for yourself.
Elena warmed up at the fire. She was eating one of Ada's brownies which are rich as fudge.

We toasted marshmallows for S'mores, which was the highlight of my night. How many people on Death Row choose S'mores for their last meal?

The food is always great at our Bonfires. Lenny brought hummus and pita bread so that was my protein. I asked him if he liked my poem The Vigil I sent him. He works at an oil refinery and I said, Oh, I wrote a poem that takes place in an oil refinery. It's about a poor old alcoholic who's a security guard at a refinery and watches the meteor showers one August night.

Larry, who's a professional videographer, brought his camera and we took a group shot. Any idea what'll be on the cover of the Compass? Lenny didn't wanna be in it. Stigma of course. That's not his real name.

Here's Linda's poem.


by Linda

At this time she dyes her leaves in various reds and oranges
Tries to get that still youthful look
Even though her leaves fall from her branches
Wither away in the cold air
She knows she’s dying
Won’t accept the truth
She loses her energy quicker
Snuffs out the day’s candle quicker and quicker
Wraps herself up in black night’s cloak
She shivers against the quickening cold
We all gather around each other
Comfort ourselves at her approaching funeral
Bow our heads low for her chillier winds
Blows it on the backs of our necks
Rakes whisper prayers for her impending death
Nighttime fireplaces give off pagan smoke
Beseech gods to spare her
With their burnt wood incense
Outside bonfires remember her
As how she lived before her death
In our black final rites.

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