Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Compass fini - now what do I do?

by Carl Yeager.

Just emailed the new issue of the Compass to Debi over at Boggs Printing in Hatboro, PA w/the instrux to 'keep it tight' cuz I've got too many pages.

I went over it again today, defying my dietician's warning to eat when I wake up, and mercilessly excised what turned out to be ludicrously overworded articles. So, you see, it was for the best.

Scuse me while I check the online NY Times to see if we've fired on the North Koreans yet.

How's this for injustice: Atlantic City police officers voted to take a pay cut in order to re-hire 17 officers who were downsized for lack of funds to pay them. How bout asking the casinos who are raking in billions to fund them?

I was just on Facebook checking out the photos of master photographer Carl Yeager, who we profiled in a previous Compass. Most people are unaware of this, but FB signed on with a 'social communications group' who monitor your every move. A potential employer can hire this group and have them report on every move you make on FB, plus all of your Chats.

Big Brother is indeed watching you.

I'm in the process of choosing a color photo for the Compass front and back covers. Carl has over 100 photos on FB. Check out the onion on top of this post.

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