Monday, July 26, 2010

Once again Cape May Enjay

Tornado warnings from 4:05 pm to 4:56 pm in two counties including Cape May county. Fortunately a cooling hour-long rain cut thru the 103-degree heat and insufferable humidity.

To get a shot of the foam, I had to push the button before the wave crashed. Oh, what I do for you, Dear Reader!

Sunset over the Atlantic Ocean

Say hello to Farmer Les Rea whose farm market was a mile from our motel. His pa bought the farm when Les was a year old. Then Les farmed it. At 75, he believes he has 5 more years left in him to run the farm. He's married to a good woman and showed me pictures of all his grandchildren. No one wants to carry on the farm tradition. We bought some peaches, tomatoes, and cherries and stuck em in our room fridge for when we got hungry after gorging ourselves on $100 meals. We coulda gone to a Sestak for Pennsylvania Senate dinner party instead of just thinking about our own futures.

Painted door of the Whimsical Mermaid. Steve didn't want me to photograph him but I did anyway. The photo didn't come out.

One of our favorite restaurants right across from the main beach. Every spare minute my nose was stuck in a Jack Reacher novel that was extraordinarily violent. Some scenes took place in Afghan'n. I urged Scott to begin the book the moment I finished -- it's his book -- but he said he hadda finish his Sinclair Lewis novel first, which he can't get into.

He asked me why I thought he was so rigid and couldn't make a simple change like giving up the Lewis book and reading the Lee Child book.

B/c, I said, you think your life will be out of control if you deviate from habit.

Great gift shop owned by Steve Riesman who used to be in the apparral biz like mine own dear dad. He was surprised to find out Scott and I were Jewish and said the Jews usually go to Margate and Wildwood.

We'll never eat here again. We forgot to ask the price of their signature dish or the fish of the day. Our bill for two was over $100. Our waiter Peter was from Bulgaria. Our water bearer Joe gets a free meal on his b'day August 3. He did a spectacular job filling up our waters, so I guess the meal was worth it. From our window seat, we saw a burgundy Maserati pull out of the driveway, a blimplike shape.

Crashing waves. "Sophocles saw it on the Aegean," I said to Scott, quoting Dover Beach.

Scott and I headed out to the cove to watch for dolphins at sundown. We stood there for ten long minutes and then a small dark shape popped out of the water. Followed by more and more. I got my wish: dolphins.

Okay, okay, so we go on vacation and watch TV. I saw one of the best shows ever: Charlie Rose interviewed John Sexton, president of NYU, where my boy went. Sexton is an idea man. For the umpteenth time I thought, Where can I go for a little intelligent conversation? Sexton, born in 1942, led the school to unprecedented growth during his tenure. Oh, what big words he used! I'm gonna listen to the program online so I can get a little intelligent thought into my brain. Sexton was in the middle of writing a speech on immortality when he walked into his kitchen and found his wife, dead. He was taught by the inquiring minds of the Jesuits, just like my dead Simon.

Nice logo, ad company. Ever see the logo for Fios? Take a look next time the truck pulls up in your neighborhood. Back to the drawing board boys. The Tyler Art students could do a better job.

The shimmering pool in Cape May NJ. With hundred-degree plus temperatures during our three-day stay, we submerged ourselves in the pool and stayed there an hour, talking to everyone we met.


  1. You are just absolutely amazing me with your photos. If only I had set you on this new course 30 years ago, think of the photographer you would have developed into. Think of the work you would have done!

    Ah... but... like Farmer Les Rhea, you have the future!

  2. thanks, bill! you are my mentor, for sure.