Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My favorite store profiled in the Inky

Thanks, Ada, for sending me this link about Impact Thrift Shop in Hatboro, PA. For tonite's New Directions meeting, Our Little Ruthie will appear in a B&W houndstooth check shirt from Impact, her warm dress pants from niece Melissa, with a telltale purple painting stain from her Thursday Night Painting Class.

Her living room consists of two lovely matching sofas from Impact, a neutral gray and white, so they won't clash with her bright purple walls. She types upon an Ikea desk she bought at a garage sale down the street, and her second desk in the dining room is from Impact. It holds sooo many things.

Before Impact, Hatboro housed a huge department store called Santerian's, which, sadly, was a victim of shoppers' changing habits, namely, The Willow Grove Mawl, which is now in partial decline -- where do they go? Target, I spose, or TJ Maxx or yay-for-Marshall's.

There is not one single new item in my living room, safe for the lamps.

My new kitchen table is from my dtr/law Nicole who got it from her actor-brother Sean when he moved to California (I think).

Recycling: it makes life easy and brings fond memories of the people who've given us these things.

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  1. Hey, Impact sounds great!

    Was just thinking about you and hoping all is well. Glad to hear you are busy at work on your novel still.