Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Before the day begins

I am listening to a bird
chirp at dawn in my still-
dark room while reading about
Jerry - that would be Salinger -
on my laptop on the floor.

Thanks for sending me the article, Marce. Thoughtful. My readers can read it here, from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

When I awoke at 6, after a marvelous catch-up night's sleep, a strong smell of skunk penetrated the blue bedroom. Thother nite a group of us insomniacs were emailing back and forth. Scott was blissfully asleep. One of the insomniacs asked me to listen to an audio he sent me.

I can't, I said, Scott will wake up and yell at me. When he's not REMming, he can hear the slightest click from my noisy-keyed laptop.


  1. A nice set of headphones - like Boze - will solve that problem, fast.

  2. believe it or not, bill, i never thought of that! i actually have headphones somewhere but i haven't seen em in years!