Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wedding goes off without a hitch

Comments heard at the wedding of Dan Deming and Nicole Toohey:

-Did you bring your umbrella? There's an 80 percent chance of rain.

-Yes. My hair frizzes something awful when it gets wet.

-We'll be under that covered stone pavilion over there. Unless there's a tornado we shouldn't get wet.

-Where Donna lives in Oklahoma they have tornados. Or is it hurricanes, Donna?


-And brush fires, right?

-Yes. We had fires the first week in April a mile away from the Ranch. We lost a corral in the fire but some people lost their homes.

-That's the bride's mom sitting over there. She and her daughter could be sisters. The dad is standing in the back. He said he's a nervous wreck.

-I don't know why. Did you see how he was sweating in the back of his hair?

-He's a retired Philly narcotics cop and he has to have seen everything. He'd get into foot chases and get shot at. But he's nervous walking his daughter down the aisle.

-There's the limo. The bridesmaids are all in there.

-Derek, is it okay if I go take a peak at them?

-Actually, ma'am, you're not supposed to.

-They wrote their own wedding vows. A friend is the lay reverend. He looks just like a Toohey.

- I kinda wondered if he was her father at the very beginning.

-She's taking her husband's name except she'll use Miss Toohey for her students.

-Why'd the limo disappear?

-It went around the corner to make a U-turn. Here it comes now.

-Oooh! Wow!

-Sara has a beautiful smile.
-Isn't my wife beautiful?

-Alice is the sister/law. She and her husband moved to CA cuz they're both actors and wanna find work. Sean Toohey's been in off-B'way plays.

-She's smart she's fixing her long dress so she doesn't trip. Look at those magenta-colored heels. She comes from a tall family.

-That's my daughter! She's so funny and so smart and so talented. And beautiful! Her father should smile more.

-Dyou realize it's not raining and the sun is shining?

-That's miraculous.

-There's more miracles going on than you realize about this wedding.

-I do, Nicole.

-I do, Daniel.

-Sara, will you hand Nicole Dan's ring?

-Sean, will you hand Dan Nicole's ring?

M U S I C F A D E.

-Look above the pavilion? See the rainbow?

-Wow! Look! There's a rainbow. And it's still drizzling a little.


  1. Hope the wedding was a joyous day for all, aside from the interesting conversational snippets. Mazel Tov!

  2. thanks, iris! it was truly spectacular, one of the greatest days of my life (and of course theirs!) AND i haven't even begun to blog about the half of it.