Monday, May 18, 2009

Bravo Peggela!

One of our stalwart group members - hey did you know I run the premiere support group in the Philadelphia area for folks with mood disorders & their loved ones? - is Peggela who may or not be confused with Pegasus the Flying Horse. Our Peg goes everywhere to help other members who need a good buddy to get them going thru their long and miserable depressions.

Months and months ago Peg took "Laura" under her big golden wing. Laura's depression was one of those horrible treatment-resistant babies, but finally - oh praise the lord and pass the ammunition - finally Laura went on - ta-da! - Parnate, an oldie but goodie - and is 100 percent back.

The sweet sound of success. Can you see me doffing my yarmulke to Our Peg?


  1. yes, iris, we LOVE PEGGELA. thanks for checking in. i'm gonna send YOU a comment shortly on that magnificent poem you wrote. was spending every free moment with daughter sarah who came to town for an unprecedented THREE WHOLE DAYS!